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Fuduntu is a Linux distribution based on Fedora, is now officially release Linux distribution, it's mean you can't upgrade you do a clean install each time new Fuduntu verion.
Fuduntu is released to be able to use the latest software versions. As an example, if you installed Fuduntu 14.10, you should have Kernel 3.0.1, Firefox 6, and Chromium 12.

Fuduntu has nothing to do with Ubuntu or Debian. It seems to be like Ubuntu but actually it is based on Fedora.
Fuduntu will stay with Gnome 2 for as long it's possible, instead of using Gnome 3/Gnome Shell, which is now default Gnome in Fedora distribution.

Here you can Download Fuduntu.

Here is the Website, Community Forum, and Distro Watch of Fuduntu.