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DockBarX is lightweight dock/taskbar/panel replacement for Linux desktop which works as stand-alone dock (called DockX), as an Avant Window Navigator applet, as a Xfce4 panel applet, as a matepanel applet or as a legacy Gnome2 panel applet. DockbarX is a fork of dockbar made by Aleksey Shaferov and the DockbarX branch is developed by Matias Särs. DockBarX is free software and is licensed under GPL3.
It has features like autohide, dodge windowsm dodge the active window, Unity progress bars and badges support as well as dynamic quicklists.
Dockbar has a launchpad page. If you want to report bugs, translate DockbarX into your language or request features, you should do it there, if possible. It's still OK to report bugs and request features here as well, if you don't want to register a launchpad account. The launchpad page is for both vanilla Dockbar and DockbarX, so make sure to tag any requests or bug reports directed to DockbarX with "dockbarx".