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First see the video of nice Theme + Compiz Effects + Dock in Ubuntu 11.04 Unity Natty Narwhal

Now i will show you how to install Theme, Dock and Compiz effects in latest Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal.

  • Now install the Orta Theme first and orta theme setting manager.

To install the theme open terminal(press Alt+F2 then type: gnome-terminal) type the following commands in the Terminal:

Now to install the Emerald decorators for orta theme:

Now install the xfwm4 decorators for theme:

You can find the Orta Settings Manager under the preferences in Menu.

If panels and menu bars are messed up, Open Orta Settings Manager go to the Fixes tab and check the following option (Select this if your menus and panel have visual glitches). This option will remove the transparency from the Menu bar applet.
  • Now install Compiz Effects
First open Ubuntu Software Center and type in search bar compiz, See the following picture
compiz ubuntu

Install the highlighted software. After complete the installation of application.

Open Synaptic Package Manager and type in Search bar compiz and install the highlighted software. 
ubuntu compiz

compiz effects

After the Complete installation of Compiz Effects, Don't close the Synaptic Package Manager.
  • Now in Synaptic Package Manager type in Search bar Cairo and see the following picture.
cairo dock

Complete the installation and enjoy the New Theme.

I like personally effects in Ubuntu Classic see the following video with the same theme in Ubuntu 11.04 Classic.

If you need some help or installation from commands contact us.