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Install Cairo Dock 2.4.0 on Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Cairo Dock Ubuntu

Cairo Dock includes many plugins/applets such as: weather, clock, Messaging Menu, system monitor, keyboard indicators, custom icons, notification area, clipboard manager, and many other plugins.
A new version of Cairo Dock 2.4.0 has been released, which brings custon Cairo Dock Session for Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric Ocelot you can select Cairo Dock from LightDM, GDM, etc. Login screen better XFCE integration, better windows manager integration, support for Unity quicklists and many other things.

Other GLX-Dock 2.4.0 features:
- The Power-Manager applet has been rewritten to work on any plateform.
- A new Help applet has been added to help our beloved users.
- Integration in the XFCE desktop has been improved.
- Better Gnome 3 tools support.
- Fixed Ubuntu Messaging Menu for Ubuntu Oneiric and Natty.
- Updated default theme.
- Several new DBus methods lets you interact on the dock more easily.
- The dock can now be used as a shell in a Compiz-standalone environment.
To install Cairo Dock on Ubuntu/Linux Mint open Terminal and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

If you're using other Linux OS go to Launchpad for Download Cairo Dock.