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Boostnote is an open-source note-taking application especially made for programmers and developers, it is build up with Electron framework and cross-platform available for Linux, Windows and Mac. Being programmers, we take lots of notes which includes commands, code snippets, bug information and so on. It all comes in handy when you have organized them all in one place, Boostnote does this job very well. It lets you organize your notes in folders with tags, so you can find anything you are looking for very quickly.
There are builds available on the site for Ubuntu, Arch Linux but if you are running distribution other than these then download source and compile it.
It takes notes in markdown with live previewer and saved instantly, while it make sure your source is highlighted correctly as it has over 100 languages syntax. You can choose storage location from menu section, and menu allows you to define hotkeys, and tweak the interface (choose light or dark theme).