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You might have used several type of launchers or maybe currently using your desktop's default laucher/menu to launch application. If you want to try something new and different on your Linux then we present you ULauncher. It is simple and fast application launcher designed to use on Linux desktop written in Python programming language.
Ulauncher consumes very few system resources and has ability to run on almost every desktop environment such as: Gnome Shell, Gnome classic, Mate, Xfce, Lxde, Cinnamon, Openbox and so on.
Using Ulauncher you can search for applications on your system and you can also send search queries to Google, Wikipedia and Stack Overflow. Moreover, there are plenty of extensions available for Ulauncher which can be found on official website.
There are plenty of application launchers available out there for Linux and it is really different to compare any launcher with one another. ULauncher is free and written in Python programming language, it uses less resources and works in almost every Linux desktop environment such as: Gnome, Cinnamon, Unity, Mate, Xfce, Lxde and Openbox with tint2. Using Ulauncher you can search through installed applications, navigate through folders and open files, also search on Google and Wikipedia.