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Intel Graphics Installer let you get driver updates directly from Intel for best performance, Intel is known for developing quality drivers for Linux operating system. It is an open source application that provides Linux users with a straightforward way to install the latest video drivers for their Intel graphics cards in any Linux-based operating system, source code with gpg of installer is available to configure-compile-install in any Linux distribution.
Intel leads the silicon industry in providing quality code optimized for the latest in Intel Architecture. The program has been created because of the lack of graphical installers for the official Intel graphics and video drivers on the Linux platform. With it, you can rest assure that you’ll have all the latest optimizations, fixes and enhancements for your Intel graphics hardware.
The Intel® Graphics Update Tool for Linux* OS (formerly known as the Intel® Graphics Installer for Linux*) was renamed starting from version 2.0.2, in order to more accurately reflect the purpose of the tool. This tool aims to make the latest Intel® Graphics Stack available before it gets officially released by Linux* OS vendors. Specifically, it benefits those Linux* users of both Ubuntu* and Fedora* distributions who want to update their graphics subsystems for Intel® platforms.

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