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There are few standard ways to manage sources in Linux operating system, from command-line which can be difficult for some new users and built-in GUI way doesn't offers much (beside add and remove PPA). Aptik application first introduced in 2014 which made its way in community fairly easily. If you use standard version of Ubuntu and have many PPAs added in your system and you want to upgrade then this tools comes very handy and let you upgrade your OS quite easily, once you upgrade the OS you can re-install all the packages which were removed before upgrade or you can choose your strategy for upgrade process. Not only for upgrade, if you have another system that run Linux and you want to transfer packages from one to another then in that case it can be very useful tool.
It lets you backup and re-add all PPAs, installed packages (PPA/system/manually installed Deb), application settings, icons, themes, users/groups, data of Home directory and schedule tasks with a single click. Further more you can back and restore packages individually.