PPA installation method is convenient for Ubuntu/Linux Mint and it's derivatives. So we have created PPA repositories (Personal Package Archive) in order to support Ubuntu user, PPA repository makes installation super easy. We have added many apps, themes and icons in our repositories. We always test app/other stuff before reveal it to public via PPA, So we can say our PPA repos are stable except (testing repos). We update packages in our PPA repositories whenever we receive update from package developers.

Note: Before installation of any application/other stuff from our PPA make sure you read the post for support and other stuff.

>> ppa:noobslab/apps

This PPA contain Applications, which are probably hard to find in other PPA repos or if some App is available somewhere it's not available for latest Ubuntu version.

>> ppa:noobslab/deepin-sc

This PPA offer Deepin Software Center, which is developed by Linux Deepin Team.

>> ppa:noobslab/evasion

It provides Evasi0n jailbreak utility for iOS 6.

>> ppa:noobslab/icons

>> ppa:noobslab/icons2

>> ppa:noobslab/nitrux-os

>> ppa:noobslab/potenza

These PPA contains most of the high rated icons available for Linux.

>> ppa:noobslab/noobslab-conky

Great conky collection with super easy installation.

>> ppa:noobslab/indicators

We also have indicator collection for Ubuntu in this PPA.

>> ppa:noobslab/themes

>> ppa:noobslab/malys-themes

>> ppa:noobslab/swar-themes

Our these PPA repositories have huge collection of themes.

>> ppa:noobslab/ppa-gimp

Latest Gimp is available in this PPA.

>> ppa:noobslab/pcsx2

This PPA offers PlayStation 2 Emulator.

>> ppa:noobslab/mint

Linux Mint is the famous distribution, We took some nice apps from Mint and made them available for Ubuntu and it's derivatives via this PPA.

>> ppa:noobslab/apps-dependencies

This PPA contains various dependencies for those applications, whose dependencies are missing.