How important is your logo? About half of consumers say that they’ll shop with a company that has a logo they recognize.

A logo is so much more than an image. It’s how customers identify your business. A digital logo helps your customers remember your business website and social media posts.

It’s easy to design a logo that conveys the wrong message or looks like every other logo out there. Fortunately, you don’t need to suffer that fate.

Read on to learn five simple logo design tips to help you create a unique logo design.

1. Know Your Brand

The logo has a simple job. It’s to tell people what your brand is about. You do that through colors, type, and icons.

People have an association between colors and emotions. For example, bright colors like orange and yellow convey happiness and joy. Blue represents security and trust.

You need to understand what your business and brand stand for. Ask yourself what emotional connection you want customers to have with your company. You can then use the colors and fonts to express that message.

2. Make It Scalable

Scalability allows you to apply the logo in different situations. You’ll want to use it in social media posts, on video podcasts, and on your website.

It should look clean and sharp in large and small applications.

3. Keep It Simple and Memorable

The goal of the logo is to have people look at it a few times, remember it, and be able to identify your company instantly.

That’s why the design needs to be simple. Study the most valuable logos in the world, such as IBM, Coca-Cola, Google, and Nike. Note that they do and how you can make yours just as simple.

4. Have Several Versions

As you design a digital logo, start with several iterations of your digital logo design to test.

Once you decide on a final logo, you should have different versions. Keep one version as a regular version on a transparent background.

One should be all black or all white with the background removed. You can use a simple background remover tool to make that adjustment.

5. Test Digital Logo Designs

You can look at your logo and think it’s the most amazing piece of art since Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel.

Your perception might be a little different than everyone else. The only way to know for sure is to take a few versions of your logo and put them in front of customers, vendors, and employees.

These are the key stakeholders in your business. If your digital logo design doesn’t send the right message to them, then it doesn’t work.

Ask them which version they liked the most and why. You’ll know if your design is on the right track or not.

The Top Digital Logo Design Tips

It’s getting more and more difficult to make your online content stand out from the crowd. These digital logo design tips will help you create a logo that people will remember.

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