Business owners should know about their company website’s importance. Your website is the way you show the world your business. A customer can get a first impression based on what they see there, and they might decide to buy your products or use your services during those initial moments.

You should also know you have ways to make your website more inviting to the casual user. Any potential customer who sees these improvements will more likely convert. That’s ultimately what you want, so consider these changes if you haven’t implemented them for your site yet.

Add a Company Blog

It does make sense to hire someone to handle a lot of the technology your business uses. Finding a company to simply zero-trust security might be on your agenda, or you might locate an IT specialist to create an app that your customers can use. However, you can usually handle some basic website improvements yourself, even if you are not tech-savvy.

For instance, you might add a company blog to your site. You can write articles that you’ll post there having to do with your niche. You can show off your expertise in your industry. You can also humanize your company, so it doesn’t seem cold or sterile.

Adding a blog and writing articles that appear there gives you a chance to connect with your site users. They might read some of what you write and learn that your company genuinely cares about creating and selling a quality product.

Add an “About Us” Section

You can further humanize your company and make your site more welcoming by adding an “about us” section. A site visitor might click on a drop-down menu, tap “about us,” and go to a page where you briefly describe your company’s origin and mission.

This section can talk about what you want to accomplish as a company. It can speak about your products and services and the ideal customer to whom you want to sell them.

You can briefly explain your company’s purpose in an easily digestible way. Once someone learns about you through this section, you have a better chance at a conversion.

If you’re not comfortable writing the copy for this section, you can always hire a professional copywriter to do it. You can relay to them what you’d like to say, and they will say it in the most comprehensive way they can. You can tell them what tone to strike, and they’ll work on doing that for you.

Add Some Pictures and Videos

Some pictures and videos will certainly make your site more welcoming. You want to make sure and take your own pictures and create your own videos as well. You can’t rely on stock images for this website feature.

If you visit enough sites, you’ll start to recognize stock pictures. They probably don’t convey the feeling you want to get across to a website visitor. That’s why you might want to hire a professional photographer to take some pictures and a professional videographer to shoot the videos.

You may want to feature some videos about making your products or a customer enjoying your services. You can get someone to do professional voice-over narration if you like or you can use voice generator tools to create professional voice-over narration.

Once someone gets to your site, they’ll want to see some images rather than reading long text blocks. Humans crave visual elements, which is why you don’t want a boring site without any pictures and videos.

Add Some Social Media Buttons

You can also welcome people to your site by featuring prominent social media buttons. Once someone clicks on a Twitter, Meta, Instagram, or YouTube icon, they can follow your company on one of those. You might also have some additional icons depending on what social media platforms your company uses.

Once someone clicks on an icon and starts following you on social media, they’ll get messaging about your services and products, and they’ll likely convert. You need to give them that option as soon as they arrive on the landing page.

Add Some Appropriate Font and a Company Logo

Changing up your website’s font and adding a company logo on the landing page can also attract some new customers. Branding definitely matters for companies, so you want someone to see your logo as soon as they arrive. It should represent your business entity and stand out for all the right reasons.

The font you use also matters. It should feel appropriate based on your niche.

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