For the employers who want to become a go-to place for the applicants, it is as important to maintain their image as a good workplace as it is for people to keep their CVs neat. Indeed, large businesses have competition not only in the sales field but in terms of talent hunting as well. For that reason, companies develop policies that increase their employees’ satisfaction with the work and create conditions in which a person can grow professionally in different directions.

Who is the best?

As of 2022, the top 10 companies to score the best in their workers’ satisfaction are the following ones.

1 Cisco

The first place holds the company that is now known for its hardware and technology solutions. Its products are known worldwide, and its offices are in virtually every corner of the world. This corporation keeps the staff satisfied and provides them with career prospects to stay and work for. This top-ranked company hunts many people for junior positions, so if you want to shoot your shot, feel free to reach a top rated resume writing service online that will give you a hand with the CV. In this case, one can land decent prospects without much experience.

2 Hilton

It is a worldwide known chain of luxury hotels. What’s impressive about this is that the average job satisfaction here works for every employee. From the top executive managers to hotel service staff, people enjoy working for Hilton and would recommend it to their friends. This company also allows growing and learning right at the workplace with further promotions.

3 Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

Wegmans does a good job as a large business and as an employee. As a chain of supermarket stores, this company can also offer any position possible to all kinds of job seekers. Remarkably, it creates conditions and provides proportionate pay for laborers both in the supermarket service and in the headquarters; so a job application is a good chance whatever your skills are.

4 Salesforce

Salesforce is another tech company that made it to the top here. The core of its activity is software that makes customer service easier and helps other companies make more profit. Those who want to highlight their skills and accomplishments and enter the company can always count on the help of the best professional resume writing services, where expert writers help applicants to construct an impressive CV. With such assistance, one feels more confident in front of the hiring manager. And confidence always increases the chances of getting employed.

5 NVIDIA Corporation

NVIDIA became a dream work destination for many developers and tech professionals. It is a leading artificial intelligence company. On top of that, it recently expanded its activity to game development, where it also applies its artificial intelligence potential. It may take a significant effort from an applicant, but the job is certainly worth the try.

6 Accenture

It is another place for intellectual professions, where the brains shine the brightest. The company provides information technology and consulting services for large-scale businesses. It is a great place to start from the junior position, as it offers a lot of training for its employees and shows genuine interest in their growth.

7 Rocket Companies

Another company that is known as a good recruiter is Rocket Companies. The company provides services in financial transactions and property ownership solutions for its clients. For the employees, it offers professional growth and comfortable working conditions.

8 American Express

It is another financial technology company on our list. American Express is well-known as a service provider among its clients, but it also ensures job satisfaction among its employees. It was founded in 1850. And due to the constant investment in talents, it manages to stay on top for that many years. If you want to invest in your career, don’t hesitate to try and land an interview here.

9 David Weekley Homes

There is another multi-skill employer on the list, where most tech and IT companies top. David Weekley Homes is a construction company that specializes in building homes. For job seekers whose key skills are physical, it will provide both good conditions and opportunities to grow to management positions. Hence, it is on the list of best employers.

10 Capital One

Primarily, it is a place of opportunities for banking and financial experts. However, this corporation is so large that a job seeker of any skill set has a chance to land a job there. It specializes in loans and credit cards, but there are a lot of operational positions applicants will love to land.

What makes them great?

The set of qualities that make the company stand out is not limited by money. Modern human resources management puts a great effort into creating a healthy environment and rewarding experience for people to stay. Therefore, top companies are simply those laborers firms just enjoy working for. This is how the quality of the company is usually measured.

  • Endorsement of the company among friends and relatives;
  • The care employees feel from the management or the company;
  • Positive or at least neutral impact of the job on the emotional health;
  • Positive attitude to every new working day;
  • Meaning that the employees see in their work and contribution to the company.

Employee satisfaction in the companies we mentioned is the one most businesses pursue. During your job search, be sure to pay attention to the company’s policies and read what their former or current laborers say. If you are about to start your career, try your luck with the best employers, and be sure to apply!

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