Nintendo Switch is one of the latest additions to the gaming console family. The manufacturers have now brought up a gem for people who would love to experience handheld gaming in a defined way. With amazing specifications and performance, it has become one of the signature products from the manufacturers. However, the high price for this product is definitely worth looking into. Would you hop on to buy a handheld console with such high prices? To figure out what to do, read the review mentioned below.

Why Should You Buy Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch has always been a choice for people who would love to play games. Because of the easy control and great graphics included, people feel that opting for the Nintendo Switch could make a difference. However, you can keep in mind several factors before thinking about going for it or not.

• Portability is a great advantage

Almost everyone knows that Nintendo Switch is extremely light in weight. Since it features gaming controls along with the console, it can be easily portable. You can get joysticks on either side of the console, allowing you to perform better. Even if you are at home or traveling in a car, playing with the Nintendo Switch could be very reliable as well.

• Great for a Gaming Console

A lot of people do get confused over switching to a gaming console. The Nintendo Switch can be a perfect fit for your requirements if you do not have a massive budget. Both Switch and Switch lite come over with proper gaming controls, which allow you to get an amazing experience. It also comes with a quick setup and starts that can reduce the delay time.

• It is a retro gaming monster

Nintendo has its own reputation in the gaming industry for being one of the esteemed manufacturers of games and gaming consoles. The Switch also falls in the same category when it comes to performance. This device is a perfect choice if you want to carry it along with the retro gaming needs.

Why is the Nintendo Switch so popular?

Nintendo Switch is an extremely reliable gaming console that is preferred by many gamers. However, there's surely a reason why the Nintendo Switch is so popular amongst all.

  1. There are not many gaming consoles available in the market today which have such a high reputation. The Nintendo Switch is available globally, and it attains an amazing supply and marketing.
  2. The Nintendo Switch has the best graphics support when it comes to handheld consoles, including compatible games. It is the newest handheld gaming console available.
  3. Mobile gaming has become popular. Thus, having Nintendo Switch along with you is the right thing to have.

Is Nintendo Switch Worth Buying at a High price?

There can be a long debate about whether the console is worth buying or not with the Nintendo switch price. This is why it is important to complete a benchmark test to figure out if the Nintendo Switch works properly at peak uses or not. The specifications of the Nintendo Switch should support the performance of the product.

So to get a complete performance output, we came up with multiple games and tested the Nintendo Switch according to the different games available.

To conclude a benchmark test, we've set up the GFXBENCH4: Onscreen test.

The Nintendo Switch new version comes with a constant 928 MHz refresh rate, while the older version comes with a 728 MHz.

A high rate of frames per second denotes that the lag time while playing games is low. Thus, you'll feel a better gaming experience as well.

Nintendo Switch Specifications:
Screen 6.2-inch LCD Screen
CPU NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor
Wireless Wi-Fi
USB connector USB Type-C
Storage 32 GB
Headphone/mic jack 3.5mm
Battery Li-ion battery, 4310mAh
Video output 1080p
Battery life 6 hours
Charging time 3 hours
Weight 0.88 lbs

Pros and Cons of Nintendo Switch


  • It comes with three play modes
  • It is easily portable
  • Excellent variety of games


  • Battery life could improve

Frequently Asked Questions

• Why is the Nintendo Switch so expensive?

Nintendo Switch is basically one of the most formidable devices to have for your gaming needs. If you are considering using a simple handheld device, the price for a Nintendo switch will seem to be a bit high. But when it comes to the GPU and processor support, the price for the same device is formidable. The performance that this console delivers is amazing to use.

• Is the Nintendo Switch better than the PS4?

The PS4 is a complete gaming console. This is why it is expected to have a better edge over the Nintendo Switch. In terms of VR, graphics support, and also the liberties, the PS4 is slightly better. But if you do not have the budget for a PS4, opting for this device will surely be helpful.

• Can you watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo switch comes over with a decent media streaming platform. However, Netflix is not directly installed on the device. To get this done, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the Nintendo eShop and look for apps that you want to watch.
  2. As of today, Netflix is not available. But you can download alternatives and stream media with video easily.

Final Talk

Nintendo Switch is definitely the best handheld gaming device that is available. You may have a powerful mobile with a great processor to play games. However, having external controls and decent graphics is always an added benefit to the product. Moreover, having a lightweight body and a stunning design is definitely attractive for any gamer to have. Even if the price is a bit high, you'll be able to experience gaming in a new way. Surely no one would want to miss out on this. Let’s know in the comments below about your experience while playing with the Nintendo switch.

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