When you look to study any type of degree, you want to make sure that you are getting a positive outcome. For a lot of people, this means the types of jobs that they can go into. Broadly speaking, unless you are looking to go into a very specialized field, it is a great idea to study a topic that allows for a lot of flexibility and a lot of different options when it comes to getting a job. Many people have found that one of the best high-paying and flexible careers can be found if you study for a computer science degree, which can be completed either online or in person.

To help you with your quest with regards to studying a computer science degree, whether you are in the middle of your master's, have just finished, or you are thinking about starting one, this guide has been created to outline several jobs that you could go into as well as listing their average starting salary expectations — a lot of which top out at over $100,000 a year, meaning that you can easily live a comfortable life even in some of the most expensive cities in the country, such as New York or San Francisco. Additionally, none of these jobs has an average starting salary of lower than $50,000, meaning you can live comfortably nearly anywhere else. If you are interested in learning more, then you are definitely in the right place. Read on below to get the full career overview now.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $110,000

As Facebook's recent announcement regarding the Metaverse has shown, artificial intelligence is everywhere and is only likely to rise in importance over the coming years. If you want to get ahead of the future, it might make sense to move into this type of role, which includes developing, training, and programming AI to work in a variety of different contexts. Due to the high level of skill involved in such a role, artificial intelligence engineers can expect to command rather respectable salaries straight from getting hired.

Machine Learning Engineer

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $141,000

With a position that some could say is rather similar to that of an artificial intelligence engineer, a machine learning engineer is responsible for creating and implementing machine learning systems, selecting the right data sets and data representation methods, testing and making sure that the machine learning systems are working to the best of their ability and checking the variety of data quality that comes past them. Due to its technical difficulty, machine learning engineers start with very reasonable salaries. If you want the qualifications that can give you a machine learning job, it is definitely recommended to look around for the best online computer science master's degree you can find.

Computer Scientist

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $82,000

The position of a computer scientist is generally the one that you will be most equipped for when you have finally completed your computer science master's degree. This is because the role of a computer scientist involves using technology for a whole series of different applications. For example, they might want to be able to focus on the ways that both the customer and the company can combine to make the most out of what a business can provide.

Research and Development Scientist

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $75,000

As the name suggests, a research and development scientist use the power of computers and science to create, test, and finally roll out new products and services. It is likely that to get into this role, you should be combining your computer science master's with a science undergraduate degree such as biology, chemistry, or physics to get the highest chance of being hired. This is a role in high demand thanks to the rise of bio-information technology and companies looking for people with inter-disciplinary skills.

Information Technology Specialist

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $69,000

Information technology specialists are basically needed at any company that has anything to do with computers. The average role that somebody with this type of qualification and interest can expect to be getting on with includes making sure that all the computer systems in a company — spanning from hardware to software, the Internet of Things and the cloud — is working in sync, thus making them one of the most important roles in any business.

Information Technology Analyst

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $76,500

Similar to the role of an information technology specialist, it is the responsibility of an information technology analyst to be able to look at how technology is working within a company or an institution before suggesting ways that they can improve. If you are looking to move into this role, you can expect to either be hired directly to work for a company or you can work as an external freelance consultant.

Mobile Application Developer

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $79,000

Mobile apps have risen from an oddity to one of the biggest markets in the world over the past ten years. It is likely that mobile apps are only going to rise in popularity and become more important in the upcoming years. This means that there are a whole host of opportunities if you are looking to go within this industry. While companies can hire you as a developer for their mobile app offerings, you might also find that you can create and sell apps separately, which might be able to net you a large sum of money if you play your cards right.

Quality Assurance Manager

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $81,500

Businesses have to run as smoothly as possible if they have any chance of success. This is where the quality assurance manager comes in. Their role is to analyze business operations and to see where they could improve and where they can maintain their safety for the best possible outcomes. As so much of this is tied up in computer security, you can expect to be able to move into the quality assurance field with relative ease.

Information Security Officer

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $83,000

As the numerous hacks across the world have shown — spanning from the SolarWinds attack to the Microsoft data breach — one of the most pressing threats of our time is that of cyber-security. That's why businesses everywhere are making sure that they have an information security officer on their team who can make sure that they can operate to the highest possible security standards. These skills can easily be learned through a computer science master's degree.

Professor in Computer Science

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $118,000

If you don't want to move into the corporate world, there is definitely the opportunity to move forward and become a professor in computer science. While a masters alone will not give you the skills necessary to obtain this role, it is a necessary stepping stone towards that eventual success. While the wages you could expect as an adjunct professor are very low, if you are lucky enough to become a tenured professor, you can expect to command a decent salary as well as paid for, or at least very heavily subsidized accommodation.

Cloud Computer Engineer

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $104,000

Cloud technology is everywhere these days, with more and more businesses pivoting towards the cloud for their different needs. This means that people working with cloud technology will be higher and higher in demand, making it one of the best professions that you can go into. Therefore, when you are studying for your master's degree in computer science, it is definitely worth taking modules in cloud computing, so you are aware of this amazingly useful technology.

Database Manager

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $68,500

Companies need databases for all sorts of reasons, from regulatory to marketing. However, to make sure that their databases are both safe and running to the best of their ability, it is necessary for them to hire a specially dedicated database manager. This is someone who is comfortable with creating databases, managing them, and protecting them to the best of their ability.

User Interface Designer

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $98,500

Most companies try and design their websites, mobile apps, and products with the customer in mind. This is because they want to make sure that the customer can navigate it with the easiest possible use, increasing its popularity. This is where a user interface designer can come in and make the most out of what a company has designed and make sure that it is as accessible as possible for the user.

Full-Stack Developer

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $68,000

Generally speaking, every application has a back end, which refers to the server, and a front end, which refers to the side that the client uses. It is the role of a full-stack developer — who should be fluent in a whole variety of coding languages, all from R to Snakemake to C++ — to make sure that both ends are in communication with each other, and everything is working well. Of course, some specialists work primarily in just the back end or the front end.

Software Developer

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $62,500

A software developer is responsible for creating new software that a company can use either internally or that they can sell to other companies. They should be identifying particular needs, design the interface, and then test the software for any bugs. This is an especially exciting job for anyone who wants to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

Business Analyst

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $56,000

While business analysts might not necessarily need a master's degree in computer science, given the fact that so many businesses operate now with computers and have digitized thanks to the coronavirus, it is definitely a road that you can choose to go down. Business analysts are responsible for seeing how a business is getting on before making recommendations as to how they can improve.

Software Tester

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $55,500

Similar to the role of a software developer, a software tester makes sure that everything that has been created is fully-functional for use. Their work requires painstaking attention to detail as well as a scrupulous approach to design. Many companies might hire software testers to work internally, while other software testers could be hired on an external freelance basis.

Data Scientist

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $100,500

Data is the new oil, meaning that the way that we use data has huge ramifications for business processes at large. As a result, more and more companies are looking to hire data scientists to better understand how they can use data to better improve their company offerings. Therefore, while you are studying for your computer science master's degree, it is a good idea to take additional data science courses to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Web Developer

Average starting salary expectations per annum: $73,500

If businesses want to successfully advertise their wares and connect with customers, then they need a well-designed website. This is where the power of a web developer can definitely come in and help save the day. If you already have a computer science master's degree, take a look around to see if businesses are hiring web developers today.


The express aim of this guide is to outline a whole series of jobs that you might be able to go into once you have completed a master's in computer science. It's worth pointing out that this list is by no means exhaustive. Technology is always changing and adapting, meaning that there is always the chance that new roles will emerge that haven't been written on this list. Nonetheless, if you are stuck in the future when it comes to thinking about your career, there is no shame in revisiting this list now and again. Finally, good luck in your career search!

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