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Businesses have been using marketing analytics to generate more leads and boost sales for a great deal of time now. When it comes to analytics, one factor you can’t close your mind to is call tracking.

Call tracking refers to the evaluation of callers’ opinions about a business. Marketers mostly use it to lead calls to specific marketing channels that eventually drive callers to their business. It also allows marketers to tell how different elements of their marketing plans are performing. Here are a few ways call tracking can help a business grow:

1. Improves the Quality of Your Marketing Campaigns

Call tracking allows marketing teams to monitor their strategies and tell which advertisements are generating the most calls. This helps enhance their data-driven strategies by giving them insights into the performances of each of the individual campaigns. You can always use call monitoring software if you are generating too many leads to track manually. Not only will an automated system reduce the workload for you, but it will also warrant the accuracy and provide you with a unified interface to monitor your marketing performance.

2. Leads to Improved Return On Investment

One of the most critical performance metrics in modern marketing is the return on investment (ROI). This refers to the return generated by an investment compared to the effort and funds it took to set it up. Call tracking allows you to identify the marketing strategies that are performing well and separate them from underperforming ones.

A good marketing team will always adjust its strategy based on this data. For instance, if an Instagram campaign is doing way better than an identical Facebook campaign, it means more funds need to be channeled to Instagram compared to Facebook, since Instagram delivers more. The end product will be an increased ROI from your social media marketing campaign.

3. Helps You Identify Leaks in the Marketing Funnel

In most marketing strategies, call tracking is simply an element in the marketing funnel. However, since phone numbers are usually embedded in calls to action, this element appears in multiple stages down the funnel and, therefore, carries more weight than other elements. You can use it to identify where you are losing most of your prospects, so you can perform fixes.

For instance, if you are getting numerous calls from prospects, then things take a sudden dip at the landing page, this means something is wrong with the landing page. It could be a broken link, a misleading or missing CTA, or maybe just a poor layout. All you have to do is visit the page, identify the problem, and correct it.

4. Increases Conversion Rates

Proper call tracking allows you to identify callers by how long their calls last, where they’re calling from, where they got the contact, and the intention of their calls. With this information, you can pick out prospects with the highest likelihood of purchasing in a group, so your team can engage them later. This technique can save you time and money, as you only focus on those who have shown substantial interest in your product or service.

5. Helps You Improve Customer Experience

One of the key factors to business growth is customer experience. If customers don’t like the experience they had transacting with you, they’ll likely not return. Call tracking gives you a clear picture of your performance on the customer experience aspect and helps you increase your effort on things that are working and eliminate those that aren’t. Even if you don’t satisfy everyone with your changes, the effort will be noted, and keen customers will reward you for valuing them.

6. Offers a Basis for More Practical Staff Training

Continuous staff training is most effective when it’s based on analytics and customer feedback. Call tracking is one way to get customer feedback and evaluate your service from their point of view. By recording and analyzing each call that you receive, you can identify common complaints with ease.

If the department that is supposed to address a complaint doesn’t know the first thing about it, then you know what to include in their next training.

7. Gives You Insights into Industry Trends

As customers and prospects call to make requests, inquiries, and complaints, they inadvertently give you information about industry trends. Most people these days spend their free time browsing the internet and social media. Occasionally, they’ll come across trends that are just taking shape and have probably not reached your team. Through their complaints and inquiries, you will get to know that there is something your competitors are doing that you need to incorporate into your service.

These random improvements can immensely transform your service in the long run and take your business to the next level.

8. Helps with Content Personalization

Call tracking helps you understand the needs of your customers and group them accordingly. These smaller groups are easier to target with information that jives with their interests. Most marketers use this strategy to create a bond with their customers and build loyalty. Loyalty leads to subsequent purchases and earns you free brand ambassadors, whom you need for fast growth.

Content personalization is an essential tool to have in your marketing arsenal, particularly if your business sells several unrelated products or services.

9. Gives You a Picture of Your Business’s Growth

You can tell whether your business is growing progressively or retrogressively by simply getting the difference between the number of inbound phone calls between two periods. If the latter is true, you can perform an internal audit and fix any problems that you think could be slowing your progress.


Call tracking is vital in the modern marketing landscape. Most of your customers will contact you through phone calls, and failure to monitor those conversations can put you at a competitive disadvantage. The points in this post are just some benefits of adopting call tracking for your business. Rest assured, you’ll enjoy more benefits once you incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

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