The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed email marketing back to the front line of digital marketing campaigns. As a business, this calls for refining your email marketing strategies. By doing so, you may tap into more clients as people now venture into the digital world to avail of various products and services. Additionally, you won’t fall behind your competitors with the right email marketing techniques, which is surely something you want in this competitive era.

To help you out, here are six new strategies to make email marketing work for you in 2021:

1. Personalize your emails

A smart way of improving your customer engagement rates is by crafting highly personalized emails that speak to the reader. In fact, a report states that a personalized email provides a higher transactional rate, which means that the recipient will most likely (around six times) reply to a personalized email. One way of doing this is to step away from robotic responses and focusing on demonstrating your personality to help build a connection with your customers. By doing so, your customers will feel as if they’re talking to a real person, helping them to become more open to your business, which, in turn, may boost customer retention and loyalty.

One of the most efficient ways to personalize your emails is by using value-proven sales email follow up templates. With this, you’re able to create highly persuasive messages that will propel your customers to take action.

2. Use AI for better optimization

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables you to run smoother email marketing campaigns by allowing you to rapidly analyze big data, use analytics to predict outcomes, and optimize your surveys. By understanding different customer behavior, you can easily segment your email list for better personalization of your marketing messages. Additionally, by implementing AI, you’re able to send better emails, which, in turn, increases your revenue.

Adopting AI also allows you to automate repetitive tasks such as keyword analysis, writing email subject lines, cleaning up your mailing list, optimizing your send times, and restructuring your campaigns.

3. Incorporate user-generated content

User-generated content is the new king of email marketing as it has tremendous impacts on consumer shopping decisions. In fact, studies show that over 90% of consumers are influenced to make a purchase if there is some form of content or review from a past client. Incorporating user-generated content into your email transforms your marketing from being pushy into customer-oriented, which increases trust and loyalty.

4. Create interactive emails

If you want to improve your business digitally, you have no room to be boring in your emails, especially since customers today want excitement. To deliver on this, your emails need to have interactive elements that make them more engaging.

Here are some of the ways to make your emails come alive:

  • Animation/gamification elements
  • Interactive sliders to showcase your products
  • Image hover effects
  • Surveys
  • Scratch-off discounts
  • Simple games or quizzes

5. Use video content in emails

Harness the power of video content by using it in your emails to build a connection with your customers. Embedding videos in emails and making this clear on the subject line will increase click-through rates and make your brand message more powerful. This is because most people would find videos to be more attractive than reading a long email.

Aim to make your videos enticing to watch by having a compelling message to make the reader click the play button. This can be done by adding a captivating thumbnail or enticing title. Most importantly, keep your videos short enough for viewers to watch to the end and ensure they are packed with valuable information.

6. Send mobile-optimized emails

The high email open rates on mobile devices hinge the success of your campaigns on the use of mobile-optimized email designs. A good mobile experience will boost engagement with your customers and ensure no one bypasses your emails because they are not appealing on their devices.


Email marketing is here to stay, but it takes the right strategies to make it effective. Fortunately, with these tips, you can clean up your outreach formula and give more value to your campaigns. This will translate to more clients, ensuring business success.

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