Starting college can be a stressful but exciting time for many individuals! Balancing social life, work and college may seem difficult, but it’s not impossible. Finding ways to make the most out of your time is key to maintaining a balance. Having these tools will help you achieve your maximum academic potential in no time!

Wolfram Alpha

Do you want a fast and comprehensive answer to your question? For example, do you wish to know how many hospitals Rwanda has, and you have no time to research? Wolfram Alpha is the answer engine that will provide you with the most accurate answer. Reviews are saying that it's much more elaborate and accurate than Yahoo answers, and it's also great for science classes! Even if you have a math query you can't solve, Wolfram Alpha will answer it for you and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how it solved it!

Google Scholar

Are you stuck on that paper you want to write, and your library doesn't offer you sufficient resources? There is no need to go old-school when researching. Google Scholar provides the perfect solution for students that are searching for academic literature - articles, theses, papers, you can find whatever you like there with proper citations. It works just like Google, where you type keywords into the search bar and the engine comes up with the most relevant results! If you ever need help writing research papers, consider hiring a professional to help you out. With one hundred percent confidentiality, you can have a high-quality research paper to present to your academic supervisors in no time!


Are studying physics or engineering? This tool is just for you! Desmos is an application that automatically calculates graphs instead of using a physical graphical calculator! It's absolutely free to use to your advantage!


Whenever you write an essay or do any kind of writing, this tool will help you be grammatically perfect! It hunts down misspelled words, makes suggestions on how your sentence can be worded differently, and will overall elevate your writing! Plus, it's fully automated, so you only need to download the Chrome extension and every text you write will be subjected to an automated grammar and syntax check!

Plagiarism Check

Every time you submit a paper, you immediately subject it to a plagiarism check. Plagiarism is considered a serious offense to the academic community and has severe consequences. Before you submit any of your work, remember to check if it's a plagiarism free paper or if you have a percent that could be considered plagiarism. Don't forget to cite your sources properly!


Collecting a bibliography and adding it to your document is now easier than ever with Zotero! This tool is among the best education software, saving you the massive amount of time that it would take to add a bibliography manually. Downloading the Chrome extension, you can automatically save citations and sources that you will later use in your research. After you have saved your bibliography according to the reference system you are using, Zotero ads it to your document where you need it with just a click!


To conclude, academic life and work-life are extremely difficult to balance! With the right kind of organization, though, you will be able to make the most of your time! These tools will definitely help you navigate your academic workload in college - use them as you see fit. The most important thing to remember is to always cite your sources!

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