When every point of the transportation and delivery process of goods runs like clockwork, it significantly reduces the costs of your business and provides a first-class service for your customers. There are many technologies in this area that are exorbitant, however in this article you will learn about simple changes that can be implemented in your activities much faster.

Identify your vulnerabilities

The business area is a continuous stream of innovations. New tools are popping up every day to help improve your process and cut your costs. First of all, you need to analyze all logistics processes. Examine all the shortcomings of inventory control, warehouse operation, order picking, packaging and invoicing. The cons of each process should be divided into two categories - those that require a lot of investment and those that can be upgraded right away. This analysis should be performed every few months in order to continually improve efficiency. Immediate action will lead you to success.

Make calculations

If you know that your process can be perfected, then it is not enough just to give the command “we need to work faster and better”. It is important to conduct a meticulous analysis of how fast your employees are working; how long it takes to complete the order and deliver it to the client. Based on the results of the analysis, you will be able to assess your progress and set a KPI.

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Don't ignore communication with your employees - build fruitful contact

The organization of logistics processes employs a huge number of people who contribute all their possibilities to make a great job. The people who know the core of all processes are drivers and delivery workers, order pickers, packers, warehouse employees. Each of the employees knows what is happening in his work inside and out. They can point you to all the problems that require immediate action. Arrange meetings where you will communicate with your employees and learn about all the moments that slow down your business processes. By doing this, you not only improve processes within the company, but also show your involvement in the life of the team.

At such meetings, you will learn about everything that is wrong in the logistic organization of the process. You can share your intentions that you want to see an upgrade of this process. As motivation, offer your employees a bonus system for improvements. Each employee will be motivated to increase the speed and improve the quality of work.

Set your warehouse in proper shape

When you work with goods, the most important issue is the optimization of space in the warehouse. This issue should be given special attention. Take care of placing your products correctly. It's not enough to just arrange items from A to Z without a concept. One of the ways is to select the arrangement of products by the number of their sales. The most salable goods should be located closer to the place of shipment. However, it is impossible to give all the space to this product, so as not to create clusters of workers that will interfere with each other.

Reduce order packaging time

Order packaging time can be shortened if the latest technology in this area is introduced into the process. For example, you can purchase a mobile printer for employees who can quickly print address invoices while looking for items in the warehouse. These printers are inexpensive and significantly reduce packaging time.

International deliveries

When you do business in different countries, customs delays may complicate delivery. Usually the problem is that the invoices for the goods are not drawn up correctly or too vague, which causes suspicion among customs officials and increases the delivery time. In this regard, clearly understand the writing of invoices.

Choosing the fastest shipping route is not always the safest

Most often, customers are faced with the fact that their goods are delivered damaged. This leads to returns and losses for the company. When a delivery route is drawn up, the shortest route is often chosen in order to maximize the delivery of the order to the buyer. However, no one guarantees that this route is safe.

Careless loading can be another cause of damaged goods. In this case, it is worth investing your money in the purchase of software that will control loading and unloading operations.

Keep up with the times

At a time of rapid technological development, it would be foolish to deny their effectiveness. The use of high-quality software will significantly improve the quality of your work. You can get acquainted with the effective tools on the website https://www.kandasoft.com.

Timely analysis of the shortcomings of logistics processes will allow you to establish business processes correctly, and the use of modern technologies will greatly increase the productivity and efficiency of your work.

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