This piece contains a few, timely hacks for ex-pats planning to leave the United Kingdom for another country.

Decide on your property in your home country

If you plan to move to another country for a short period, locking up your property is not a bad idea. What if you are staying for an extended period? You have two alternatives, which are renting out your property or selling it out. By renting out your property, you can recoup your tax payment and generate additional income while you are away. However, to avoid any inconveniences when you return, you should stay in touch with your property manager and notify them of your returning date at least six months ahead.

Start working on the object to move along to your new country

As an expatriate, you should start your moving plans early to avoid leaving behind things you will need in your new country. It could be a gift from your parents, prized assets, awards, honorariums, or tools you will need to carry out your assignment in your new location. Making proper plans on what to move saves you the hassle of getting stuck in an avoidable situation.

Decide whether buying or renting a property is best for you

As an expert, you should plan your residency in your new location and decide whether to buy or rent a property. If you plan to stay for a short period, like two years, renting a property will save you extra costs. But if you plan to work for an extended period, you should consider buying a property instead. If you buy a property, you can remodify the structure of the house to your taste. What more? You can always sell off the property whenever you are ready to leave the country.

Accessing BBC services through a virtual private network

Most countries across the world have at least one national broadcasting service provider. For the UK, British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) is your best bet of getting the latest information on events happening in the UK. You can maintain your access to BBC programs either on radio and Television, provided your new destination grants permission for BBC operation. However, if you find yourself in a state where BBC operation is not permissible, you can watch BBC iPlayer in USA by using a VPN as an alternative to bypass restrictions. VPNs are available as free services, but you can also unlock premium packages to enjoy more accessibility to different features. However, you must be careful while using virtual private networks, especially those related to data theft and malware.

Before installing a VPN on any of your devices, make inquiries about the app to ensure they have good reviews and can be trusted. Some popular VPNs include Winscribe, ExpressVPN, and Speedify. To use VPNs, install the app on your device, select “UK” to have unlimited BBC programs.

Inquire about non-resident tax payment

As a UK citizen leaving and working in another country, you must pay non-resident taxes on your income or potential gain from asset disposal. Therefore, before leaving the UK for another country, ensure you get the necessary details relating to taxes payable by non-residents.

In addition, know the tax rate applicable to your income and means of payment to avoid fines or paying accumulated taxes on your return.

Make provisions for your pets

Before moving abroad, make sure you make adequate provisions for your pet's safety. For example, if you plan to take your pets along, you should vaccinate them at least twenty-one days before your departure date to prevent rabies infection. Also, make findings from animal travel companies for the best means of transporting your pets to your new location.

Furthermore, it would be best to consider a comfortable means of transporting your pets by providing suitable crates, food, water, and other things to make animal travel comfortable.

As an expatriate leaving the UK for another country, be sure you have the necessary information about your new destination. Also, it would be best if you familiarize yourself with the country's socio-cultural life and other laws guiding such a society.

In addition, if you find yourself in a situation that threatens your safety, you can always seek help from the British embassy or contact the consulate office situated in the country.

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