Sales enablement is a term that has been bouncing around the sales world for a while now however many people don’t exactly know what it means. On paper it sounds very simple, enable your sales team and your company will prosper. While that is the general idea of sales enablement, there is a lot more to it that you will have to understand if you want your company to do well. We are first going to talk about what sales enablement is, and from there we are going to talk about the benefits and the purpose of enacting it within the company.

What Is Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is all about aligning three things together: people, processes, and priorities. Think of it this way, it is about getting the right person to do the right job at the right time. When all of that is always happening with your company, you have properly enacted sales enablement. What exactly does all this mean though? The people at mention that the people within your company have to be aware of the goals of your business and have to be able to keep in touch and communicate with each other. It is about constructive feedback and working towards a more efficient workspace.

Processes deals with streamlining your sales so everyone is on board and following the same plan. It also means using the right software and tools to make the job easier for everyone. If you can get the right processes, your sales are going to go up just by sheer efficiency. Finally, priorities once again talk about the goals in the company and how work should be conducted. If people know what to prioritize in their day, they can achieve something that works for the greater good of the company.

Now that we have an idea about sales enablement, let’s break down what the benefits of it are and how its purpose can greatly help your company.

Unify Your Company

When we mentioned processes, we talked about streamlining services and sales methods across the company so everyone is on the same page. When everyone is on the same page, you are going to find your company operates much smoother and things get accomplished much faster in the workday. Along with that, people begin to bond more with each other, and relationships and friendships form within the company.

When this happens, people enjoy coming to work more often as they get to see people that they enjoy having in their life. Unifying the company is one of the main goals of sales enablement and it can get everyone following each other and working together.

An Increase in Productivity

If people understand what the company is trying to accomplish, they will also understand how it has to be done. One of the biggest flaws in the corporate workplace is that the employees don’t know what the company is working towards or how they should be doing it. Even when they are given feedback, they are left confused and are not sure where they went wrong, therefore they don’t know how to be more productive.

Sales enablement works to provide clear and concise feedback to all of your employees so they know what they are doing is amazing and what needs improvement. We will take this time to mention that feedback does not always have to be constructive and as mentioned above, you should be applauding your employees when they do something successfully.

Sales enablement is all about empowering your workers to be the best they can be and they can’t do that if they are always being looked down upon. Taking the time to compliment them and let them know they are doing a great job will result in them working harder and more efficiently. It is another massive benefit that comes with sales enablement.

An Increase in Revenue

When these two things are in action and working properly, you can expect sales to increase as a result. Yelling at your employees and stressing them out is not going to drive sales within the company, and in fact, it might lower them. By unifying your company and taking the time to provide clear feedback to your employees, you are creating an environment that is conducive to sales. You will notice your revenue increasing as a result and your business will start to boom.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what sales enablement is and how you can use it to help drive your company forward. It will take some time to get everyone on board and there will be some bumps on the road as you adopt this motto, but after a few months, everything should be running efficiently and smoothly. How do you plan on enacting sales enablement?

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