Nowadays, technology is moving forward at an astounding pace. With new devices being introduced all the time, it is so difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest trends in the tech industry. With that comes a huge amount of devices being discarded daily, and for those of us who aren’t bothered about having the latest gadget, this is a great opportunity to save some money while still acquiring a quality device.

In recent years, the second-hand laptop market has really taken off, with countless used and refurbished devices being purchased every day. While both options are more affordable than a brand new laptop, refurbished computers are generally superior.

To help you understand the advantages here is why it’s better to buy a refurbished laptop than a used one.

1. Used Laptops Are Not The Same, As Refurbished Laptops

The terms “used” and “refurbished” are often used interchangeably, when it comes to laptops, but they are very different things. Refurbished laptops come from a number of different sources, mostly through trading programs from businesses, or consumers that do not want the devices anymore or have problems using the devices because of faults and defects. Refurbished laptops can also be units that were previously used for demonstration purposes, and since they are opened and can no longer be sold as new, computer companies will check all their components for performance, fix any faults, and restore them to the best possible condition.

Used laptops are sold by consumers mainly because they are no longer suitable for their needs, or because they are upgrading to a better model and need to get some money back. Used laptops are then cleaned up, tested, and classified based on their condition, and sold as-is, usually without any in-depth inspection or restoration process.

2. Refurbished Laptops Provide Better Performance

People often make the mistake of thinking that refurbished laptops are inferior when it comes to internal components, like RAM or internal memory. In fact, during the refurbishing process, the computer pros will swap out outdated internals for better RAM, storage space, hard drives, and optical drives. These new components can be every bit as good as brand new models, if not better. Many of the newest models of laptops end up being refurbished so it is easy to search for refurbished laptops with a touchscreen or another advanced feature and get one for a significantly lower price than buying one new. Moreover, if the experts notice any missing parts or malfunctions with the battery, screen, power supply, or connections, they will either replace the faulty components or add in new parts that are suitable for the models.

Since these laptops are usually unscathed and have only been used very lightly, their cosmetics remain good and do not need much work. From there, the professionals will wipe all the data and install the latest operating system before sending the laptops over to the retailer.

Used laptops only have cosmetic work and general function testing done, without any repairs, replacement, or restorations, which means that you will start off right where the last owner left. The performance of most used laptops will have dwindled from years of use, and there are various issues that you may encounter.

3. They are More Reliable

Many people will be surprised to learn that refurbished laptops are often just as reliable, if not more reliable, than their brand new counterparts. All the factory faults (if there were any) will have been resolved, and if they are not up to certain specifications, they will never be released for retail. In fact, studies have shown that any refurbished laptop that survives the first year (which is typically the warranty period) without needing maintenance, is almost guaranteed to be without major problems long-term.

In contrast, the majority of used laptops will have been used for quite some time and so will show signs of wear both externally and internally. They are then cleaned up and loosely checked, but that does not mean that all the faults have been identified or rectified. As most customers don’t know anything about computers, it will be impossible for the majority of us to identify problems before we buy a used laptop, particularly internal ones.

4. They Come With a Warranty

When buying any piece of technology, the warranty should be one of the most important factors in your purchasing decision because it gives you the confidence and security that your device will be repaired or replaced if there is a problem. While refurbished laptops typically cost a bit more than used ones, the price difference is not that much, and it will be offset anyway by the value of the warranty. Most refurbished laptops come with warranties of at least 90 days, but this period can be up to one year with reputable manufacturers like Apple.

In the case of used laptops, if any issue arises after a certain period of time, you are pretty much on your own when it comes to repairing. Most online retailers do not offer much protection, and while you can always put your trust in reputable second-hand specialists, they are typically very limited in the models that they sell.

5. Tips for Buying a Refurbished Laptop

Make sure you are buying your refurbished laptop from a reputable company or retailer with experienced laptop repair professionals. Look for the one that has the longest warranty possible (e.g. one-year warranty) and a generous money-back return policy (ideally without a restocking fee). Make sure that you know the difference between refurbished laptops (ones that have their faults fixed, defect components replaced and the whole system restored) and certified laptops (ones that are fully functional and are reset to factory settings, but their parts and components remain the same).

Upgrading any tech device comes at a cost, but it does not have to be a fortune. Buying a second-hand laptop is a great way to save some money, and a refurbished one, in particular, will give you the highest possible performance for your dollar. Although there are certain risks that come with buying second hand goods, doing your research beforehand and carefully checking all the details will ensure that you don’t experience any issues.

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