Nonprofit fundraising can be extremely exciting. In most cases, the lifeblood of charitable organizations and it can serve to raise awareness of the cause among many respectable donors. However, don’t forget that fundraising is a massive undertaking, especially if it’s the main source of money for your organization.

If you want to master the ways of managing your fundraising events, you’re in the right spot. In this guide, we’ll tackle the topic and give you useful advice on finding helpful solutions to manage any fundraiser event.

Fundraising Ideas and Options

There are many options when it comes to raising money. In essence, there are two ways to raise money: to do it through individual fundraising or corporate fundraising. Those two concepts are based on two different approaches and ideas.

Also, it’s possible to combine them using a multi-channel approach that will diversify your methods. With more procedures involved, donors will have enough space to contribute in many ways.

Individual Fundraising

With individual fundraising, you can ask the people from your inner circle as well as other friends and family to donate. The process will allow you to share your story and ask everyone around you to support your cause and donate money.

Using various social media channels or by organizing small events, you can gather a group of people that might help you and ask directly.

Individual Fundraising Tactics

Direct mail is one of the oldest fundraising tactics. It’s simple, cheap, and quick, and you can always repeat it after some time. Once you write a good fundraising letter, everyone will empathize with your cause and give you the much-needed money.

Online donations are another way to make donors hear about your cause in the digital surrounding and donate without stepping a foot in your office.

You can always create a newsletter and send them useful information while reminding them to go to your page. And, if you connect donor management software to your website, you’ll create a system that will manage donations with ease.

Social Media Strategies

With booming social media platforms that gather billions of people worldwide, another great tactic for collecting online donations is Facebook and Instagram. Now, they’ve developed a feature that allows you to make a “Donate Now” button and take your followers to the fundraising site.

Social media also allows you to create hashtags, campaigns and remind people that your cause is real every day using images, video material, and even IGTV. Lastly, regardless of the platform, it will allow you to share your story with many people and motivate them to become involved.

Mobile Donations

Lately, people are spending most of their free time looking at cell phones. And if you want to reach at least some of them, cell phones are the best way to do it. Apps like Walk for a Dog and Charity Miles allow their customers and followers to contribute while sitting in the subway or doing their morning run.

Big companies can sign up to sponsor nonprofits through these apps to increase their visibility while doing something good for the community. If we know that in 2019 more than half of the donation came from a text link, sending your donors SMS has never seemed more tempting.

Company and Corporation Fundraising

Workplaces are usually the biggest contributors to any corporate fundraiser. There’s an abundance of companies looking for a way to partner with nonprofits to show their corporate awareness and improve their reputation. The process of matching employee donations is just one way the company shows its generosity and devotion to the right cause.

In-kind donations are a fantastic way for nonprofits to get non-monetary items like food, drinks, accounting, legal services, or even equipment that the company no longer needs. Sometimes, they can also be a part of the silent auctions if they want to help in a few separate ways.

Hosting Events

Raising money becomes easier when there’s an event that will promote the compelling cause and make it visible to everyone. You can easily organize a race and charge an entry fee. Then you can give all participants the option of getting sponsorship or fundraising themselves only to participate in the race.

Nonprofit fundraising is critical for most charitable organizations. Using different tactics and building a coherent strategy, organizations can set themselves up for a long run if they manage to find enough donors. Once they take care of that, it’s time for serious work and social impact.

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