Amazon is gaining dominance as one of the best online retailers. It is continuously opening up branches in the different continents. This channels more opportunities to the related businesses such as FBA. If you run an Amazon FBA business, strive towards perfecting your third-party position. One perfect way to leverage your operations is by employing new technology.

The software and app developers have come up with tools to make different tasks more seamless. We have software designed to make the market research work effective. This is crucial, especially when making an entry into Amazon for the first time. Other tools are significant for the sourcing of products. The list of FBA-related tools is growing longer as technology is advancing. Here are some of the common ones.

Seller App

It is a proper tool for marketing on Amazon. The best way to develop firm roots as an Amazon FBA business is to know your niche. Having the best ideas before deciding on your choice is significant. This app is a powerful tool in helping you with market research. It allows you to understand the products with a high profitability element.

Through the app, you get to analyze by the use of real-time chrome insights. It simplifies the cross verification of metrics whereby you find it quick to identify the outliers. This has an impact on the accuracy of the results from the research. Using the SellerApp extension in the chrome browser your analysis will be done fast.

For the sales activities, you have better options for making the campaigns work. This is from the perfect feature which allows PPC analysis. On the other hand, the usage of keywords is paramount for sales. This makes it quicker for buyers to find your products at Amazon. The software gives a guide to the addition of high-converting keywords.

Helium 10

This is a tool that is being used by many Amazon FBA businesses. It has a huge impact on the identification of trends in the products. This keeps you in the know of which better opportunities are available. With the trends, it becomes possible to understand the additional products to include in your line.

Users have the opportunity to choose between different payment plans. The basic one is free for everyone. However, it comes with fewer features hence upgrading to the premium options is recommendable. Some sites offer online coupon for Helium 10. This makes the payment even much easier. The diamond package goes for $197 per month. With this, you get exceptional features including the multi-user login.

For the index checker, you get the opportunity to do 300 uses during the subscription month. For keyword tracking, it allows a maximum of 5000 keywords. The follow-up operations are significant for your FBA tasks. This tool makes your work efficient by offering a chance to handle 15000 emails. For the agencies and other large businesses, there is a special package known as ‘enterprise’ which suits you well.

IO Scout

Amazon FBA businesses are continuously using this app for getting the Amazon product listings statistics. This includes the fees and estimates sales and revenue. Through the software, you get to understand a seller more through the details provided. The tool is used as a Chrome extension to arrive at the list of products. If you have specific products which you need to do some tracking on, the software has features that enable the monitoring.

Always strive to have real-time data on the fees when dealing with different products. This is what makes it possible to decide on the sellers to approach. The software comes with an FBA calculator to help with the calculations. All you need is to enter the ASIN for the product and the statistics will be availed. The procedure can be used for all the approved and updated products by Amazon. It is significant to use the calculator when about to launch a new product.


If you are looking for an Amazon Price Tracker, this is the tool to settle for. It is easy to use and efficient in developing graphs. For a better understanding of the price history, processing of data is necessary. The software makes it possible to come up with comprehensive graphs on the price history. With a good visual impression, you can easily identify the times when the price drops happen. It allows a constant updating of the database.

Amazon FBA businesses are rewarding. This, however, needs a good work plan on making the sales and marketing effective. This builds more demand for your assistance hence the perpetual growth. Use the necessary tools for daily operations. With such software, you end up having an easy time doing the market research and sourcing of products.

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