Getting to new clients is the most important aspect of any business, and real estate agents are no exception. When we know that more than 43% of real estate buyers start their search online, it doesn't surprise us that the internet is especially important for decision-making.

If you don't know what IDX is and how it works, we've got you covered. Here, we'll share all you need to know about IDX and web design. And we'll also explain how important it is for everyone in the real estate business.

The Basics of IDX

Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is a policy that allows real estate brokers to share listing information and regularly update lists of listed properties. Once every broker pays their yearly membership, they get access to see all active listings and give their buyers details about properties they might be interested in buying.

With a simple IDX plugin on your website, you'll be able to have all your clients on the website without the need to redirect them to another one. IDX and other web design advancements made it possible for small real estate companies to have equal access to information like the big players.

Now, since IDX doesn't require a lot of money, every company can hire a web designer that will easily download a plugin to implement it on the website. Your website can have additional features like estate CRM, custom IDX data, and property search with a good real estate plugin. There's even an option to send notifications when something changes on the list. And the best part of the integration is the ease of customization that allows every company to make a responsive mobile map search.

What Makes IDX Useful

Websites like Trulia or Zillow are good if a client is just starting with their search. However, they come with a downside, and that's the ability to go to your competitors' websites if they offer better prices than you. Also, the data on these big platforms may be inaccurate as most active properties are already sold.

Since these two platforms don't use IDX, information is not regularly updated, and that's why not everything your clients see is up to date.

Benefits of Using IDX Integration

One of the biggest advantages of using IDX is capturing leads for all your active listings. Since your buyers can see all active listings on your company's website, they can contact you directly for more information. Not only that they'll trust you to help them, but they'll be able to see what's actually available on the market.

Another important thing about IDX is accuracy in presenting real estate data to customers. Since the plugin will regularly import listings, your page's information will always be updated. This way, your clients will never have a situation to see something they like and realize that that property is no longer available on the market.

Lastly, integrating IDX into your website will protect your client's information while they're scrolling through the properties.

How the Integration Works

IDX is a powerful tool, but it can't do miracles for your business. Only when you combine it with the best development and marketing strategies, it will give outstanding results. IDX is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That's why you should keep in mind that hiring professionals is the best way to make the plugin work for your website.

If you want to ensure successful integration, you need to create a dedicated page where the listings would be displayed and help search engine algorithms to find you. Make all necessary research to see which websites have the best IDX solutions and try to figure out what they did to make it work.

By keeping everything visually compelling and interactive with map searches, polygon searches, and market reports, you'll notice more users coming to your website. Since IDX solutions work well with various social media platforms, utilize them to share great content and generate additional traffic on your website.

Stay Updated

The internet is changing how people look for properties and websites that provide the best experience to become their tools for finding future homes. If you're new to IDX but aware that you need it to grow your real estate business, this article will give you all the basic information to get you started.

Keep in mind that the success of the integration heavily depends on your developer and their skills. Finding someone who has a lot of experience with IDX will ensure the best quality and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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