If you’re wondering how to give your videos that finishing touch that separate the pros from the amateurs, then you can breathe easy knowing that there are a few simple tricks that can transform your editing game. This article will give you a complete list of the pros’ recommended strategies for video editing. If you’re ready to break through that next glass ceiling, then keep reading.

Set up a comfortable workspace

It’s easier to spend hours hunched over a computer if you like your workspace. Just like painters and writers need their cabins tucked away in the woods or lofts overlooking the city, you need a comfortable workspace, and maybe a bit inspiring even. Be aware of the physical effects of sitting for a long time and get yourself the best chair for editing videos that you can find. The price range for these is pretty wide, so you should be able to find something that fits your needs and budget.

Create a working itinerary

It’s best to outline all the changes you need to make to the video before you start. This will give you a road map of everything you need to do and shorten the process by minimizing backtracking. Create deadlines for each edit, and stick to it. It’s essential to make a work schedule that accommodates your lifestyle, and discipline is a virtue, as nothing will get done without it.

Get your computer up to speed

Editing requires you to work with massive files and complicated software. If your computer isn’t updated, needs repairs, or is just plain slow, then it could double, maybe even triple your work time. Make sure you get your computer up to speed or find a new one if necessary. A functioning computer is essential in video editing, and it’s a worthy investment.

Learn all the shortcuts

There are tons of shortcuts for all the various bells and whistles on editing software. Do yourself a favor and memorize as many shortcuts as possible. There are a handful of basic shortcuts that every editor needs to know, but make sure you educate yourself on the ones your editing software has.

Select appropriate music

Always make sure the selected music for the video matches the content. No matter how much you love heavy metal, it’s just not going to work with all the content you produce. Select the music wisely to ensure that the mood is set correctly. Don’t worry-there’s a place for your headbanger mix somewhere.

Learn the lingo

There’s a lot of jargon that goes along with any field of study. If you want to socialize with fellow videographers, you’ll have to learn the lingo to understand what people are talking about. Not learning the lingo could cause someone to get the wrong impression of you and make you look like you don’t know what you’re doing. Shrink those awkward moments by expanding your video editing vocabulary bank.

Leave Space

Sometimes a piece’s power lies within the spaces in between. Allow moments for reflection in viewers by having a pause in between important scenes. This will add suspense and make those powerful scenes more memorable.

Get the timing right

Jump-cuts are important for maintaining viewer interest and cutting out irrelevant or bland material. However, timing is very important. If you transition to a new scene too quickly, you could rob the connection between the viewer and the video. Make sure to properly transition your scenes and only jump-cut when appropriate, and never when it’s an intense scene.

Take a break

With any type of revision or touch-up, no matter what type, taking a break and coming back to it later is a crucial step. It’s like spending hours trying to find something to no avail. At some point, your eyes will get tired, you’ll get frustrated, and you’ll end up getting stuck in a loop. It’s the same with creativity. You have to leave and come back with fresh eyes, or else you risk missing important details or getting stuck in a certain thought pattern. Taking a walk outside is excellent for clearing the mind, and studies have shown that taking a nap can help inspire new ideas and allow the brain to break out of patterns.

There are many ways a person can improve their craft, but these are the main strategies for kicking things up a notch with video editing. Next time you sit down to edit, make sure you outline your work and go into it methodically, and you’ll quickly see your work improve.

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