The numbers are out and they show you are competing with some 1.2 billion Instagrammers every month. Getting your account out there for exposure and attention might sound like a painstaking ordeal considering these statistics. Nevertheless, just because your account has a few followers doesn’t make it less cool, even Cristiano Ronaldo and his 264 million followers had to start from somewhere. If this is you, read on to know how to easily boost your Instagram account.

Content Is Still King

When it comes to Instagram, it’s not enough to say, content is king. Is the content you’re posting generating enough reaction? Are you getting more followers based on your posts? How about your account’s data analytics, are they changing? Is your content audience-based? These are some queries you should ask yourself if you want to see your account grow.

Additionally, make sure to always upload high-quality videos and photos if you want to get more attention, hey, your competition is doing the same. Actually, they have gone a notch higher and are now buying Instagram likes and Instagram followers. To learn more on this, the guys at Social Proof have some cool tips on how you can get started. Buying Instagram likes is a surefire way to create some hype, buzz, and also, the attention your content deserves. Among other benefits of buying Instagram likes include:

  • It automatically increases your followers
  • It can help to boost your visibility
  • It’s a great idea if you are looking to gain credibility on Instagram

Go Live

It can be overwhelming to go through all the questions your followers are asking about your amazing make-up. Since it's important to answer these questions, your way around this mountain is to go live. Instagram live has revolutionized the way you interact with your followers and has made marketing easy and hustle-free. When your followers see that you are taking a keen interest in interacting with them, in real-time, they’ll show more interest in your content hence boosting your account.

Connect With Your Other Social Media Platforms

Naturally, you have an account with other social media platforms and blogs, each having its unique content. Not every content that can be shared on other platforms can be posted on Instagram. For instance, the length of Instagram videos isn’t as long as those you can post on YouTube. However, that shouldn’t stop you from posting amazing videos regardless of how long they’ll be. In all your other social media platforms, be sure to create a link through which your other followers and users can cross over to Instagram and view your content. Go a step further and add a call to action. This will ensure that all your followers’ queries are addressed within no time.

Use Local Hashtags

The top brands in your locale have Instagram accounts and are always using hashtags to reach more clients. Why don’t you use this to your advantage? The good thing is, you don’t have to worry about any rights when using a hashtag. If a certain hashtag has several thousand followers, adopt it and use it alongside your posts. Additionally, these top brands might be inclined to use some of your content in their accounts. This way, you will get more interaction, followers, and your account boosted.

Whenever Possible, Tag Influential Brands

The content you're posting on the gram is top-notch and unique, but other brands have almost similar content. The only difference is that they are killing it online and have tons of followers. Similarly, there are those accounts and content creators that have made it online. As long as your content is top-notch and high quality, you can tag them in your posts or be bold and partner with them. This way, their followers will take an interest in your content and just like that, your account gets some serious boost.

Keep Track Of Your Social Media Calendar

There are various events and activities throughout a calendar year. One sure way of boosting your account is keeping track of these events such as holidays, anniversaries, awareness days, just to mention but a few. Posting such event-related content and adding the necessary hashtags will influence your followers to do the same and like your posts.

Now you know how you can easily boost your Instagram account and take it to higher levels. Remember, there’s way more to gain from your account, not just likes. Follow these tips to the tee, boost your account and watch the magic happening.

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