The addiction of PUBG Mobile is increasing day by day among players with upcoming new and better updates. It doesn’t matter whether you love to play video games on mobile phones or PC, because the game is now available on cross-platform; therefore, it is enjoying the massive player pool in 2021. PUBG Mobile is on the trending since last years on Google Play Store and recommended as the Editor’s Choice. Most of the time, PC players want to play PUBG Mobile on their PC, because the mobile version is pretty easy compared to the PC Version. We also tried both versions and found the PC version though. Therefore, we jump to help you find the way how to play PUBG Mobile on PC without any lagging and other issues.

For sure, you have heard about Android Emulators that are designed to turn your PC into an Android Device. You can download and install any type of application you love to use like TikTok, Facebook, Whatsapp, and more for your regular use when you are on PC. Similarly, the Android Emulators grant you a chance to install any of your favorite games to play and enjoy console graphics and better controls that you can’t experience keeping yourself within the mobile boundaries. Apart from that, if you are one of those players who are searching for a secured and 100% trustworthy platform to buy Mobile PUBG Account, then we suggest you visit to make your dream comes true. Here’s a list of the Best Android Emulators that help you run PUBG Mobile on a PC.

Best Android Emulators to Play PUBG

As mentioned above, playing PUBG Mobile on PC brings additional detailed graphics and superb controls that there’s will be no one in the game who can’t beat you if you’re a pro player, I can’t say anything about noob. Back to the point, Android Emulator is designed to give you all the required features you are enjoying on Mobile Phones, and want to experience those on PC. Therefore, we prepared a list of Best Emulators for you to enjoy.


You would be surprised to know that Gameloop was released by Tencent for Windows and Mac who are also the creators of PUBG. Tencent has developed the emulator keeping the optimization in mind; therefore, the emulator can run on low-end Windows PC. Although a PC version of PUBG is available, it is paid; therefore, the emulator helps you play PUBG Mobile on PC for free.

Moreover, if you are using Emulator then the matchmaking system will connect with those players who are also playing the game on the emulator to avoid matchmaking issues. We will strongly recommend you to use Gameloop if you want to experience PUBG Mobile on Big Screen without any lagging issues because it is also developed by the same developers and they better know how to deals with problems to offer you a smooth gaming experience.

Nox Player

The 2nd best Android Emulator for Windows and Mac OS promises to give you a smooth gaming experience because it is designed to keep a smooth gaming experience in mind. You would be happy to know that Nox Player can easily handle high FPS games without any issue and brings built-in support for the gamepad, keypad, and custom scripts.

Despite having better features, you may need some time to understand its controls. Once you master all controls, it turns out to be your best Emulator to play PUBG Mobile on PC. The process of installing the Nox player can be done within a few clicks. The interesting thing is that the first two Android Emulator are free to use.


BlueStacks is the widely used and the most popular Android Emulator released for both Windows and Mac. Players from all over the world rated BlueStacks as the balanced emulator that offers a blend of accurate graphics, power, and processing that makes it the most favorite Emulator among players for PC. We found that PUBG Mobile runs smoothly on the BlueStacks and brings some extra features to your palm. It has two versions as Paid and Free. The free version comes with limited features, but they are enough to give you a smooth experience. To make tweaks and customizations, you are supposed to purchase the paid version.


LDplayer is one of the best Android Emulator that available in two different versions. You can grab it for free and can run it on your PC to experience all types of games. Whether you love to play Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG Mobile on PC, it won’t disappoint you. It comes with Virtualization Technology that is designed to give you a smooth gaming experience. Usually, most of the Emulators can’t deal with old games, LDPlayer is the one who promises to let you run any video games doesn’t matter how old they are. It is a well-optimized program and developed keeping speed, stability, and an amazing gaming experience in mind.

Furthermore, you can make tweaks as per your gaming style. LDPlayer can run on a low-level PC smoothly and won’t create any issue. It has three app stores wherefrom you can grab your favorite apps and games as well. The prominent features include the following like High Performance, Smooth Gameplay, Run Heavy Games, and more.

MEmu Player

Without any doubt, MEmu Player is the best Android Emulator released for Windows. The emulator can run high-end titles on a PC with minimum resources but will offer better quality. It has many good features that make it suitable to play Mobile Games on a PC with no issues. The keyboard mapping customization gives you a strong grip over your gaming character and the built-in virtualization technology won’t let you do compromise with your gaming experience.

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