All businesses operate with some level of IT these days. Whether you are running a small company based out of an office or a multinational corporation with thousands of employees, you will use some level of computing in your business. IT support companies are essential in helping ensure the smooth running of your IT systems, as well as being available to help when things go wrong. Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why IT support is essential for every business.

Expert Advice 24/7

The most obvious benefit of using an IT support company is the fact that they are always on hand to help with whatever you need. Whether you need small business IT support in London on a Monday morning or advice on a software issue on a Friday night, your IT support business will be on hand to help. In most cases, they are no more than a few clicks or one phone call away. You can be quickly connected with a technically experienced helpdesk agent, who will either assist you in solving your issue or escalate your query to other technicians. The feeling of security in knowing that you have your IT support covered at all times is a great bonus to business owners.

It Can Save You Money

It is also important to note that using a separate IT support company - rather than building your own IT support team in-house - can save you a huge amount of money. Consider a medium-sized business operating with 50 employees. There’s a lot of software and hardware involved in keeping 50 employees connected and working at full potential. To keep these systems maintained and operational at all times needs your own IT department. This may take two or three full-time technical staff, as well as a call handler and potentially a team manager. This means three to five full-time salaried staff to pay for, alongside their pension contributions, equipment needs, and training expenses. Hiring an IT support company will cost you far less per year than this and you will still receive the same level of support. In fact, a dedicated IT support company will probably have more expertise as they have a larger pool of staff to draw from. So, hiring an IT support business may save you money and improve the quality of IT care at the same time.

Crisis Help

Sadly, sometimes things go wrong. Even the most well-designed computing systems fail, and when they do they require expert attention. An IT support business can help you in times of computing crisis, big or small. In many cases, your dedicated IT support team will be able to fix your issues over the phone or remotely in a matter of minutes. In more serious cases you may need technicians to come to your site and manually assess issues. Often a technician can be on-site within an hour with all the tools and knowledge needed to repair or replace broken parts, or simply correct issues.

Building Systems

IT support companies can also help you at the very start of your business journey. When starting or expanding a business it can be challenging to design or build your IT infrastructure. However, an IT support business can help you here, too. With their expert knowledge and highly skilled staff, they will be able to give you honest advice about what systems to implement. Not only that, but once it has been built they will be able to provide you with ongoing maintenance and support of said systems. Using an IT support team from the very start means that they will have a constant and updated working knowledge of your entire IT infrastructure and will therefore be in a great place to offer constant support and help.

Upgrade Support

Finally, let’s talk about upgrades. Within IT things are constantly changing and moving. Everything from phones to laptops, software to servers are evolving daily. It can be hard to keep on top of all these developments in technology or to understand when it’s the right time to upgrade your business’s IT systems. When you are working with a regular IT support service you will be able to ask for advice and expert knowledge when it comes to upgrades. Their experienced staff will be at the forefront of IT knowledge and be able to explain the very best choices for expanding or upgrading your systems.

Without an IT support company in place, you leave your business open to risks. Cyber attacks, software failures, and broken down machines can all be avoided or quickly fixed with the help of IT support. Whatever your business size, reach out to an IT support team today.

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