Where to find inspiration and learn about the latest trends in UX/UI design? Specialized online media are there to help you out. If you are a UX/UI designer and do not follow any specialized media of the web, reconsider this choice now. One of the signs of a real professional is always keeping an eye on what’s happening in their professional field.

Professional UX/UI design agencies like this company recommend checking out these 8 media outlets. Feel free to explore and learn as much as you can.

Best Online Media Outlets About UX/UI

Here you will find respectable online magazines and trustworthy web portals that share with their readers top-quality content regarding UX/UI design.

1. WebDesignerWall

The website is dedicated not only to the area of web design but it also touches on topics of development, layout, animation, and promotion. It contains code snippets in HTML/CSS that will help you to place the elements and organize layouts of your website more effectively. If you are a beginner in UX/UI design and do not know much about coding yet, this place is an indispensable resource to check out at the beginning of your journey.

2. House of Buttons

Buttons are probably one of the first elements that a UX/UI design learns how to create and use. However, there are millions of unsuccessful button designs on the Internet, some of which you can see on the websites of popular products and main pages of large corporations. If you understand that you need to brush up on your knowledge of buttons, check out the House of Buttons. There you can find dozens of interesting examples of button designs (many with ready-made animations).

3. WebDesignerDepot

This is an information site for designers covering a wide variety of areas, from interface design techniques to the organization of the workflow. Here you can brush up on old UX/UI tricks and learn new ones, get updated on the latest trends, and, of course, get some useful freebies. You can subscribe and receive the freshest information about design right to your Gmail account.

4. WebDesignLedger

This is a good resource about web design, where you can find many different collections of successful solutions, new trends, learn more about typography, and website design elements. This resource specializes in web design, but it also shares plenty of useful information about UI, graphics, and software development. On this website, you can familiarize yourself with interviews that feature web designers and developers that will aid you to better grasp the technical background that is behind the functionality of a web application or site.

5. Design Your Trust

Trust is the most powerful resource on the web, which is valued both by professionals and their clients. Design Your Trust understands this better than anyone and provides a daily selection of trustworthy news, events, and trends in the field of design. However, this online journal is more than just an informational resource - it is a community that talks about travel, inspiration, and pets. If you work from home and lack this sense of team spirit, you will certainly find this resource useful.

6. Creative Bloq - Computer Arts Magazine

Creative Bloq is the publisher of an international online magazine about digital art called Computer Arts. If you think that you already know everything about digital design, this magazine will surprise you with its insightful long-read and in-depth interviews with the top seasoned professionals in the field. You can get access to Computer Arts on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The magazine will keep you company wherever you go.

7. VandelayDesign

This is a collection of great articles and stunning web design collections from experienced professionals. When you do UX/UI design, you should also have a good understanding of other design-related fields that participate in the creation of a product and distributing it to customers. In the VandelayDesign blog, you will be able to read about the development and learn something about coding from scratch and start to think like a businessman. You can also submit your own articles for publication if there is something you would like to share with a wider audience.

8. Smashing magazine: UX/UI category

This digital magazine is more than just a collection of professionally written articles about UX/UI design and development. You will be able to shop for books about design, learn about the events in your area (the USA and Germany), attend workshops and Masterclasses online, or even look for a job. Both beginners and more experienced designers will discover something interesting for themselves on this website.

All in All

Learn from the best and discover the tools, tips, and trends in UX/UI design that you have never heard of before with amazing UX/UI design magazines. Only those who constantly invest in their skills and knowledge can be called true professionals.

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