Software is categorized into two: packaged or customized. Packaged software is a collection of different software that performs similar tasks. Meanwhile, customized or tailor-made software is solely designed, developed, and deployed for the needs of specific individuals or a group. You can say that it is unique because it is dedicated to a specific user only.

For instance, customized software that is designed only for graphic design is not for everyone. A mathematician cannot understand the actions of the tools in the software, but a graphic designer or an artist can. They would know what it can do because it is made specifically for them. It caters to their specific needs.

The Advantages of Customized Software

Custom software—the act of developing a customized software—is not an option for everyone, but it can be useful if we understand what it can do. Here are just some of the advantages that you have to take note of if you plan to use a customized software:

1. Personalization

It comes to the top as it is the main feature of customized software. You can tell the custom software developer what your app or software will look like. Its looks will mainly depend on how you perceive it.

If you are an entrepreneur or an owner of a business, you can use customized software for this feature. There’s a lot of ready-made software on the Internet but none of them may suit your needs. You can easily get customized software made specifically for you. The app or software could work well if you understand how the advancement of technology is used in business.

2. Increase in productivity

Whether you work alone or you have a team, there is no doubt that all of you will work faster because customized software is designed for you. As it eases your workflow, you will be less likely to make mistakes. Time is money—customized software will decrease your chances of losing either.

3. Scalability

Businesses change—mostly likely, grow. Developers and designers of the app will be assessing the situation of your company so they can predict what your app needs in the future. Such software is flexible that you can expand its features. You can make the app grow with your business.

4. Technical support and maintenance

Although you own the app, you cannot sustain it all by yourself. You must use the custom software development team that you hired to preserve the app, to keep track of its activity, and to fix the features that the consumers think are faulty. Adding to that, your app will live on as long as you require.

5. Security

Since the app or software is solely for your purpose, it is secured against external threats. Internet hackers are a constant threat to an app. For instance, a widely-used social media app was hacked in 2020, which used the accounts of famous individuals and companies to promote a bitcoin scam. Hackers will not attempt to infiltrate an app or software that is only used by a small group of people; they mostly go after something that is used extensively by the masses.

6. A smart investment

Customized software has a lot of features that you don’t need to purchase because you’ve already got what you need. Meanwhile, package software will not let you use some of its features because you have to buy it first. Custom software is indeed costly, but it is beneficial for you in the long run. No more unnecessary expenses for the added features of your app.

The Disadvantages of Customized Software

  1. It is costly. From hiring a team of software developers to sustaining it for a long time, you will need funds for both. A software developer will most likely charge you hundreds of dollars per hour.
  2. It requires technical and digital proficiency. Although the developers will be offering their help, you still have to understand which is which and how it works. There is a lot to learn to understand the language of creating software.
  3. Developing the software from a scratch is undeniably time-consuming.
  4. Disclosing confidential information to the commissioned developer is one thing you have to be critical about.
  5. Customized software is not standardized.

From the Difference Engine of Charles Babbage in the 19th century to the latest model of any electronic gadget, we have witnessed the fast development of computers over time. It changed our lives significantly in which we are making much of an impact on our environment that the world cannot cope with it.

With the blinding light of power and wealth, we have to remind ourselves that the advancement of any sort of technology is for our well-being as humans and the world as well. The coolest feature of our phone cannot save the planet from burning.

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