There are hundreds of thousands of websites online which gives people the impression that it is very easy to build a website. Though it is true to some degree, it does take some doing to build a website, especially a professional one.

A website is not just an opportunity to share your thoughts, products, or services with others. It is also a platform you can use to make a significant amount of money.

One of the main aspects to consider when building a professional website is the cost. The cost will depend on a variety of factors particularly the tools you will use to start and maintain the website. The factors influencing the cost include:

Domain Name

The first issue you will need to consider as it pertains to the cost of building a professional website is the domain name. The domain name refers to your website’s address on the internet. To put it simply, it is the name of your website.

Once you register the domain name of the website, you will get the right to use the domain name for the period for which you pay. You will need to renew your domain name after a year or so to keep using it.

If your domain name expires, someone else can purchase it if you do not renew it. You will need to find a domain name that has not been already purchased. You can use a domain name generator to do so.

Website Builder

Regardless of whether you have never started a website or you have started countless websites before, you will need to use a website builder to start your website. A website builder allows you to create the website exactly how you want despite your skill level.

There is a wide variety of website builders to use so you have to take each into serious consideration. It is especially so when you consider web design for small businesses. The design of your website is what will determine whether it is professional or not.

You should choose a free website builder if you are just starting out in website development. WordPress is the most common website builder in the world accounting for about 30% of all websites. However, only the basic versions are free and you will have to pay for more advanced features.

A good website builder like WordPress offers endless possibilities to design your site. Feel free to exercise your imagination as it will cost you less than hiring a professional website builder.

Web Hosting

You will also need web hosting services when starting your website. Your web host will be where the content and files of your website will be stored. A web hosting service is a company that will rent out its servers to store the content of the website. They also provide an internet connection to ensure that your site can be accessed round the clock and around the world.

Your choice of web hosting service will depend on the web builder you choose. For example, if you choose WordPress to build your site, then you should also choose WordPress hosting.

When starting your website, it is also a good idea to choose shared hosting. It will suit most beginners in terms of their needs and the affordability of their services.

The Goals of Your Website

Another factor that will influence the cost of a website is the goals of your website. Even if you are starting a new website, the features you decide to include in your site can be advanced which will mean a higher expenditure.

If you are starting a website for ecommerce purposes, then you will require different features than say starting a website for blogging. The same goes for different types of websites.

You need to establish the goals of your website as early as possible because it will definitely affect the cost of your website.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Professional Website?

After seeing the major factors that influence the cost of a website, we can now answer the question of just how much it takes to start a professional website. For a beginner website, the cost of a yearly subscription for a domain name is about $14.99 per year. The cost of web hosting will be about $10 a month. The annual total will be about $135 a year. The above cost for a simple yet elegant website. For a professional website, you might make more than $200 in the first year.

You should look at as many deals as you can because there are many bargains to be found online if you are willing to look. With the help of professionals and the drive to get it right, you’re sure to have a website that’s both professional and designed to give you the results you’re looking for.

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