If you’re not a nerdy type and you don’t really understand all the science behind computers, you might be repelled by any career that’s connected to this business field. Most people think you need to have extraordinary mathematical skills to be successful in professions that are linked with computers. However, that’s not really the truth.

Certain parts of the computer-oriented field are totally creative and the best example of that is web design. This profession is more about art and styles than algorithms. Yes, you don’t have to be a tech generous to find a job in this industry.

Let’s see what you need to know to be a successful web designer.

What is Web Design?

In the world run by the internet, websites play a major role. The days when you can simply put a lot of things online and hope it looks okay are long behind us. Today, most of the time, the customer’s first contact with a certain brand is made via a website. This is the main reason why it’s important for companies to make a good first impression. That’s where web designers come in.

They are the creative force and focus on building a platform that users will find pleasurable and easy to navigate. The first step is to plan the overall look of the site and then they use simple tools to create what they have envisioned in their heads. Very often they use pre-made themes and templates. Simply, hard core coding is not their forte but layout, fonts, and color schemes are.

The Necessary Skills and Tools

Getting a degree in web design is not enough. Although this is an in-demand profession, this is a highly competitive market. So, aside from formal education, you need to perfect your skills and learn the latest tools to be able to have a successful career in this industry. There are a lot of things you need to be mindful about. Let’s see what are the most important tools and skills you need to master.

Design Theory

This is a visual discipline and there are some basic principles you need to uphold to create an attractive website. One of the most important things to think when doing your job is layout. So, you will need to learn how to use grid systems as well as to make the site design responsive.

You also need to think about the size and color of fonts you use. They need to be consistent and not strain readers’ eyes. This is very important if you want to make a good impression on someone who is visiting the site for the first time. It has been proven that colors can provoke different psychological responses from those looking at them. Learning about color theory will help you to spark the feelings that will make people return again and again.


Companies spend huge amounts of money on websites for a reason. The major one is to create a platform that will provide visitors with a smooth experience. This means they will not face problems that will block them from coming to the information, services, or products they want. If something is blocking them on each and every step, they will soon give up and go someplace else.

To create a user-friendly site, the one that will grab users’ attention from the get-go, you will need to learn to use numerous tools.

Choosing the Right Theme

Picking the right website theme, with thousands of available options out there, can be very hard. To make your site perfect and responsive for the type of business you’re running, you really have at your disposal different looks and styles. This includes things like color schemes, layouts, and style elements. Never forget that this theme is direct representation of your brand and provides clients with a proper user-experience.


Although these tools are not necessary to get the job of web designer, they can certainly be very helpful. The learning process might be daunting but mastering them is not impossible. Actually, many will find that they are much easier then they initially thought. HTML basics can be learned in several hours but you will need to dedicate more of your time to this subject if you want to go into details. However, even knowing the most simplistic forms of HTML and CSS will make you better in your designer job.

Becoming a web designer is not necessarily hard. If you have the true desire to master the skills and tools required to create the visual portion of a website, you will be able to do it but that means being ready to acquire new knowledge.

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