When you work from home or deal with many clients, managing your workload can be a challenge if you need to meet tight deadlines. With the right tools, like Google Calendar, you can overcome this seemingly daunting task given that the app helps you get started with aspects like scheduling meetings and other events.

Calendars also give you reminders and they are designed for teams so that you can easily share them with workmates. Read on to learn how your email workflow benefits from Google Calendar.

Manage Deadlines

Managing deadlines is a huge challenge for many people who maintain busy schedules. However, Google calendar boasts features that can help you track time on every activity that you do to ensure that you complete it on time. When you are working on a research and writing task, you can use the calendar app to arrange deadlines, and you can also communicate easily with clients in different regions concerning work progress.

Create Events From Your Email

With Google Calendar, you can easily create tasks and add events to the calendar from your inbox. The integration of Google Calendar and Gmail helps you manage upcoming events easily since it automatically copies the emails that suit the description of the event in the calendar. This app is unique because it is not installed on your computer but runs from the cloud. You can access the application from any device and you can sync it with your phone.

The tool is also convenient because you can use it from any place as long as you have access to the internet. However, synced calendar events can be deleted but this problem is uncommon. The developers from Cirrus Insight state that the error can be rectified by getting all the Calendar Sync logs to determine the cause of the problem. Google offers you troubleshooting options that can help you track all logs to see if the events have not been deleted from the primary source.

Schedule Meetings

Organizing meetings when you deal with people with busy schedules can be a big challenge when you do not have the appropriate tools. With Google Calendar, you can easily schedule your meetings and you will not miss any appointments. This tool is very effective in helping you organize your workflow as long as you have added everyone who needs to attend the event. Google provides you with “Suggested times” or “Find time” options that can help you come up with the best schedule for your meeting. You can also convey the meeting schedules with all expected attendees via the same platform, and it offers reminders for the upcoming events on your schedule.

Enable Your World Clock On Google Calendar

When you work with team members from various places around the globe with different time zones, you may realize that it is difficult to schedule meetings with them. However, the good news is that Google Calendar has a “World Clock” feature that you can activate so that you can schedule meetings in multiple zones. You just select the right time for meetings and you will never miss anything.

Email Event Guests

Sending emails to several people about an event can be overwhelming if you perform the entire process manually. However, it is easier to email guests in the group by just clicking the event on the calendar and sending it to the recipients. You must first add the names of the expected guests so that you can easily send them emails.

Create Different Calendars

When you start using Google Calendar, you are presented with one tool that you can use for multiple purposes. However, different tasks like scheduling reminders, managing real schedules, and planning of work are treated equally meaning that you may not easily access non-repetitive tasks for the day.

To address this, you can create a different calendar for each part of your life that you want to keep track of using your Google Calendar. On top of that, you can also share your calendar with other people so that they know your schedule. This helps to improve collaboration in your work to improve productivity.

Respond To Events Via Email

You can also use the tool to respond to events or meeting links that are forwarded by other people via email. You need to open the email and click the RSVP link to respond to the invitation. The calendar also helps the organizers of the event to know the attendees so they can properly plan the event.

If you work as a freelancer or marketing-related profession that requires a lot of communication with various stakeholders, you can consider Google Calendar to improve your email workflow. Google Calendar is an awesome tool that helps you to manage heavy schedules as well as improve productivity in your operations. Above all, the app is beneficial in that it enables you to stay organized, and there are various ways that you can use it to meet your needs.

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