If you think that telling your friends about your blog is the best thing you can do to promote your work, think again!

While word of mouth remains one of the best organic ways to boost traffic, technology has created multiple other ways to achieve the same. Here are seven proven strategies that will boost your blog's traffic by 110%.

1. Promote your blog on social media

Do not ever rule out social media as a means to promote your brand. This includes your blog, and your social media platforms can boost traffic to a great extent. Make sure each new blog post gets its own social media promotion. Post on different platforms and never stick to one. The more you promote your blog on social media, the higher your traffic will be. Social media posts can get hundreds of thousands of views, and this can mean huge boosts in your site traffic.

2. Write better titles

Titles can make or break your blog. Very often, bloggers make the mistake of not giving due importance to the title. A good title will capture the attention of potential readers. A good title can help convert visitors to your blog into readers. A bad title can be more damaging than low-quality content because this is the first thing that a reader sees when they check out your blog post. It helps to make a good first impression. This might even help forgive a drop in quality for your first few posts as you start on this journey. It's hard to move past a boring title.

3. Include photos

The importance of pictures in your blog posts is quite underrated. The effect this can have on a blog's traffic is massive. We as humans tend to have a short attention span, and a post entirely composed of text is a total turn off. Sprinkle a few relevant, eye-catching images in your post to grab your reader's attention. This leaves a positive feeling that will prompt them to check back on your blog at some later point. As a blogger, this is the impression you want to leave on your readers. Make them want to come back for more.

4. Add subtitles to videos

Similar to photos, videos also have a positive impact on attention retention. Unlike images, videos come with a complexity of its own. Videos include audio, and if your audio is in a particular language, it makes sense to provide subtitles. If you plan to go global with your blog, make sure you include proper subtitles in the most popular languages. If you cannot get subtitles for any other language, make sure you get subtitles at least in English, given that it's universal.

One popular, reliable software is Audext. It uses efficient algorithms to convert audio to text and provide you with high-quality subtitles in minimal time. Audext audio transcription service comes with a ton of features, including an in-built text editor, smart transcription with speaker identification, and the ability to click on each transcribed word, which will take you to that exact moment in the audio. Although this software cannot generate any audio and cannot convert video into text, this has a simple workaround. Extract audio from your video files and run that file through Audext. Voila! You have your high-quality subtitles at your disposal.

5. Incoporate keywords

If you aren't familiar with SEO, get researching on it ASAP. Titles, meta-data, etc. need to include popular keywords to make sure your blog pops up in search results. Incorporating relevant, popular keywords makes your blog rank higher in searches. It can have a massive impact on either making or breaking your blog. Blogging is not a rare activity, and you can find a blogger around every corner. What will differentiate you from the competition is the quality of your content, the level of promotion, and your inclusion of keywords in relevant areas.

6. Add social sharing buttons

As readers, our inherent laziness prevents certain types of promotion. Think about this particular situation. How often do you think, a reader after going through a blog, copies the link, opens up a social media platform, and shares it with their friends and families? Not often. Even if the quality and content of your blog posts are very relevant, there is a higher chance, but this is still not enough to guarantee a share. Make it easier for your readers to share your material by providing social media sharing buttons right from within your blog. It has proven to increase site traffic by a large margin.

7. Invest in promotion

Nothing in life comes free. Yes, Audext is an amazing, free software, but that's pretty much it. If you want to take your blog to the next level, it will require a certain amount of investing. Paid promotion can go a long way in ensuring your blog gets the site traffic it deserves. Many bloggers have stagnated on readers due to a reluctance to spend any money. It is vital to understand that investing in promotion is not a waste. It is an investment that will reap you rewards in the long run. The faster you understand this and act on it, the quicker you can increase site traffic by 110%.

As a blogger, your duty should be to consistently upload high-quality, relevant blogs that bring value to a reader's life. Compromising on this aspect and focusing on promotion will prove to be in vain. There is only so much that promotion can do for a bad blog.

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