The internet is a wonderful thing. If you told someone from the past that one day there would be a way to access all the world’s art and knowledge with ease, they’d laugh at you and call you crazy. No matter what you’re interested in, the internet can offer you endless information, fun, and socialization. Because of the wonder that the internet provides, one of the great frustrations of modernity is the slow internet. If you are experiencing slow internet, you can do several easy things to increase your internet speed.

Turn It Off And Then On Again

Yes, this tip is annoying, but for some strange reason, it often works. If you are experiencing slowed internet and typically this is not a problem for you, then the first thing you should try is turning off the modem or router. Sometimes all your internet needs is a little refreshment.


Check Your Internet Speed

If restarting the modem didn’t work for you, or if the internet speed is consistently a problem for you, it might be worth testing your internet speed. This information will help you determine whether other options would provide an improvement or not. Testing your internet speed is really simple. There are sites designed to do it for you. You go to the site, click test or go, and wait. You will be given the speed of your internet. If you find yourself shopping for a new plan or provider, this information will let you know how much internet is not enough for you.


Switch Internet Service Providers Or Plans

If your internet needs have changed recently, you might just not have enough internet for the things you’re trying to do. For example, some people begin working from home after years of working in an office and find that they’re internet just can’t keep up with what they need to accomplish throughout the day. Looking into a business high speed internet service might be the solution to this problem. Likewise, maybe you’ve found that as the kids get older, they need more internet for school and socializing. Maybe it’s time to call your provider and change to a more generous plan.


Pay Attention To The News

This might seem like an odd one, but if, for some reason, everyone in your area has gone online at the same time, this might explain your slowed internet. It turns out that because everyone is online at the exact same moment is so rare, the internet towers in your area might not be equipped to handle it. This can happen when big sports games are being live-streamed or when highly anticipated cultural phenomena are released. When Game of Thrones season five aired, so many people were downloading and streaming the episode that the Australian government needed to release a public service announcement asking people to wait a few hours so the internet didn’t crash and government, law, and health services could still access it. If this is the case, all you can do is wait out the rush. Eventually, people will get distracted, and a balance in internet usage will be restored.

With these three things in mind, you should be able to find the culprit of your slow internet and repair it. If none of the above options explain your slowed internet (and there’s not an intense weather storm which could be affecting your connection), it is time to call a professional. Contact your internet provider and ask for their assistance.
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