Getting a new PC is very exciting, especially if you have been saving up or planning for a while. It takes a little time to get to know a new computer and work out what its capabilities and limitations are. Every PC is different and so the first few days after you set it up are an exciting time. In order to have the ultimate user experience, there are a few simple steps you can take which will help to maximize your computer’s potential.
This article is a guide to 4 basic tips to get the most out of your new PC.

1. Investing in PC Cleaner Software

One of the biggest factors on your PC’s performance is the amount of available RAM and this is dependent on how many files and applications are on your computer’s hard drive. The experts at explain that in order to get rid of files that are just taking up space, you will need to use a PC cleaner which will automatically identify and remove them.

Software and files can be easily removed on demand, but one thing that many people overlook are the temporary files that accumulate from downloads and internet browsing. Their accumulation can have the same impact on your PC performance as excess media files and software. Your PC cleaner can also remove these and free up additional RAM. This will speed your computer up and fix any other performance issues. Whilst you may not think you need this on a new computer, it is better to install a PC cleaner as a preventative measure rather than as a fix later down the line.

2. Limit the Programs at Startup

If you have ever experienced a computer that takes forever to load after you first switch it on, it is often a very easy problem to solve. When you boot your PC, many applications also become active at the same time; and too many programs running simultaneously is usually the reason for a slow boot.
However, which applications open at startup is an aspect of your PC that you can easily customize, and by pre-determining which applications will run in the background with a task managing program, you can eliminate the ones that are causing the delay. Even with a brand-new computer, there may be some superfluous applications that load at startup so check and then make any necessary changes.

3. Choose the Right Web Browser

When it comes to PC performance, small adjustments can make huge differences, and if you are a regular web surfer or professional gamer, using the right web browser is really important. There are various browsers, each with its own features, but the most important aspects when it comes to optimal user experience are webpage loading speeds, and the visual quality of videos and images.
Your internet connection will also play a factor in the speed of your internet, but choosing the right web browser can make a dramatic difference. While you are surfing the web, remember to check your settings regularly and clear up any excess caches, cookies and histories that may have accumulated and which can seriously slow down your PC.

4. Uninstall Unnecessary Software

A new PC comes preloaded with multiple applications that the manufacturer thinks will be useful for you, but it is often the case that half of these end up going unused. You may not even realize how many unused applications you have until you start getting annoying notifications pop up asking you to confirm an update or notifying you of some problem with the app. And yet, even though we never use them, many of us just leave them on the computer because we think they must be important or that we will maybe use them one day.

Uninstalling these superfluous apps can result in a dramatic improvement in your PC’s speed and performance as well as freeing up more space for files and applications that you actually do want. There are a few programs which you may think you don’t need, but are actually vital for your computer’s operating systems so just double check everything before you remove it.
To get the best computer experience, doing thorough research and buying a great PC is very important, but to get the most out of it, you will need to take some extra steps. With these simple, cost-effective tips, maintaining your computer and improving its performance is very easy and will enable you to enjoy your new computer for years to come.

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