The internet is relatively new. In only thirty-years, we have seen incredible developments and have been given the opportunity to speak to people who live hundreds of thousands of miles away in an instant. The internet is, truly, magical. There are no limits to what you can do online. You can be anyone and go anywhere, learn anything, and watch anything. The internet empowers you and makes you unstoppable. This page will seek to tell you six significant events in the history of the internet, which is, as aforementioned, still in its infancy. Only time will tell what amazing developments are to come.

The Worldwide Web Was Born

In 1991, CERN distributed the world wide web to people across the globe. Although very basic compared to how the internet is today, this is when the internet was born. The internet has developed enormously and changed since its humble beginnings. It was only the year prior, in 1990, when a scientist at CERN developed HTML, which is still a large part of how we use the internet until this very day. And, only a few years later, the first videos and photographs were shared online, and the internet as we know it today began to form.

The Development of the Cloud

The cloud is a service that enables you to host your information online. It works similarly to a bank vault and enables you to store precious photographs and information inside it. One company that specializes in IT solutions in Kansas, North America, says that the cloud gives your business an edge and protects it from disasters. This statement is completely true, and the cloud can protect your business by storing its data online and making certain that it can never be compromised by hackers or theft. The cloud is an amazing addition to an already extensive list of online solutions and is something that is becoming used internationally and growing in popularity day by day.

Netflix is Founded

In 1997, Netflix was founded. It was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. The service, initially, was founded and worked similarly to retailers such as Blockbuster and Choices did at that time. It was a DVD rental service, in which users were sent their DVDs by mail. Netflix has now developed into one of the most recognizable and widely used services in the entire world; Netflix has huge profits and an unparalleled user base. From humble beginnings developed the most important and iconic brand of our generation. Netflix, truly, was a significant event in internet history.

The Advent of Social Media

In 2003, MySpace was born. MySpace, although now scarcely used, was in its day the most popular mode of social media and is the first thing many people think of when they think of social media. For millions of teenagers across the world, MySpace was a platform that allowed them to make friends from distant lands and make friends by expressing a common interest in things through online chat rooms. MySpace also, in its own way, gave birth to online dating applications and helped to kindle many romances and friendships. MySpace has been replaced by services like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It will, however, always be the original, and the most loved.

A Digital Revolt

In 2011, the full force of social media reared its head. Many social media platforms directly contributed to Middle Eastern revolts. Social media users from all around the globe stood up and raised their fists in solidarity. This social media uprising contributed to a revolt in many Middle Eastern countries, with internet users branding their laws reprehensible and totalitarian. This was the first, but not the last digital uprising. In recent years, anarchic groups have formed online, and have been successful in organizing large-scale protests and riots. Digital revolts are a common thing, and we have become accustomed to them now. The internet has a lot of power contained within it, and many potential uses, some for good, and others not.

Now you know six of the most significant occurrences in internet history. The internet has a rich history, and of course, cannot be entirely summed up with six points, but this page shares some of the most important in thirty-years of development.
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