The industrial revolution has introduced several new technologies and revolutionized the way businesses operate. Since then, manufacturers have been continuously developing better machines that streamline the production process and make mass production possible. With the invention of computers, the dawn of the digital age has changed how everything is done. But did new technology ease the way we run businesses? Read on to find out.

Efficiency and Speed

Technology has exponentially increased production in many industries by enabling workers to be way more productive. For instance, in an office setting, it gave room for clear and quick communication between employees.

Technology is also the reason workers in all industries became more efficient, as it enables them to finish their tasks in a short amount of time. For instance, messages between workers now are exchanged quickly, proposals are instantly sent to clients, and money could be transferred without needing to be physically present in a bank.

More Flexibility

Technology has made businesses more flexible, as it allows people to work remotely and still be as productive as they would be in a typical office setup, if not more. Additionally, working remotely means that you don’t have to have an office space to work in, which makes it cost-effective. This was highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic when the lockdown was enforced by governments, and people weren’t allowed to go to their offices anymore.

But luckily, the existence of technology didn’t stop people from doing their job. Work was being conducted remotely using video conferencing software that basically creates a virtual office space. A lot of businesses managed to survive during this economic and health crisis, all thanks to technology.

Additionally, coordination and collaborative work between team members is easier than it was before all because of the availability of online communication tools, which allows us to work more closely with each other. Thanks to cloud computing, team members can work on one document at the same time and receive feedback and suggestions in real-time.


Technology has enabled people to be more innovative. For instance, thanks to the numerous resources available online, pretty much anyone can learn how to create an app and make money from it. Some inventions, such as 3D printers, allow you to print three-dimensional objects; nowadays you have a 3D printer for gaming miniatures, bicycles, furniture, and more. 3D printers are one of the things that can be purchased at a relatively low cost now as the technology has become more accessible today.

Additionally, technology has transformed the music production business drastically, as it enabled the musically inclined individuals to make music using special software without having to go to a professional recording studio. Graphic design is another task that was done manually and took a long time to be made with precision and accuracy. With the introduction of design software, graphic design was revolutionized, paving the way for digital artists to become more creative and successful.

Gig Economy

The term “Gig Economy” refers to hiring independent workers for a short time instead of it being a long-term commitment. For instance, ride-sharing companies use the services of car owners and hire them to drive people to their destinations.

This industry is rapidly growing because the drivers have the flexibility to work on their own time and the companies don’t have to hire people permanently, which makes it a win-win for both parties. Moreover, the gig economy allows people to take on multiple freelance jobs instead of sticking with just one.


The advance of technology has made information widely available. A wide range of data is available for businesses, which allows for more accurate customer segmentation, giving you an inexpensive way to find out more about your customers. In return, this allows you to target the right people, which increases your chances of success.

You see, social media platforms and search engines monitor their users’ online activity and offer them products that match their interests based on what they click on, how long they stay there, and even the type of device they are using. All this information is accessible for business owners through simple means.

Technology has become an invaluable asset in our lives. It has made our personal lives infinitely easier, transformed the way we conduct business, and made our business operations much more efficient. Technology makes the world smaller every day, and as a result, businesses nowadays have higher chances of reaching a global audience and selling their products worldwide. In short, technology has revolutionized the way we run businesses and opened new doors to success for businesses in different industries.
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