We live in an age driven by technology and electronic devices. It is strange when one considers that only a few centuries ago we were transported around by horse-drawn carriages, yet now, hover cars are in development and huge technological developments are on the horizon. Technology can be a great asset to your business and can provide you with money-saving and time-saving solutions in abundance.

This page will hope to offer you seven ways modern technology can save your business time and money. It is important to shop around as far as technology goes, as some technology can be very expensive, and buying expensive tech is counterproductive when the purpose of this page is to save your business money. We are all facing tough times at the moment, independent businesses especially, as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, so now is a better time than ever to invest in tech.
Here are seven ways modern technology can save your business time and money.

Payroll Software

Payroll is ordinarily managed by human resources, and if not HR, then a separate payroll department; this, of course, depends entirely on the size of the company. If you want to make huge financial savings for your business, then payroll software may well be for you. Whether HR or payroll, they both cost money as you will have to employ staff, whereas with payroll software, you simply pay the monthly subscriptions (which will be significantly less than the wages of multiple members of staff) and you have all of your payrolls needs handled remotely.
This software is usually without error and can be a great asset to any business, small or large. Owing to the sensitive data passed through the software, it is important you find the best and most trusted service provider that you can. This is one modern solution that will make your life easier.

SaaS Systems

SaaS systems are Cloud-based systems that render traditional software unnecessary. There was a time, not that long ago actually, where companies would have to install the software manually on every single computer they owned. They would also have to manually update the software any time that it was necessary.
SaaS systems remove these burdens. SaaS systems host software for you and you can use the software by accessing the Cloud on any computer from anywhere in the entire world. They work on a monthly subscription basis, which makes them not only cheaper, but efficient, and time-saving.

Knowledge-Based Software

Knowledge-based software is another time saving and money-saving piece of tech that can make your business run more efficiently and more effectively. Knowledge-based software can help to create chat rooms and help portals for customers browsing your website. These are beneficial and money-saving as they mean you can reduce the number of staff that you are hiring, yet still have the work handled. Live chat systems are very beneficial and remove the need for a twenty-four-seven call center, which many companies have to have nowadays.

Go Paper-free

Technology renders paper unnecessary. Paper was once the only vessel for communication and documentation, but now thanks to modern technology, we can go paper-free. Paper costs a lot of money when buying in bulk and has a devastating effect on nature.
By going completely paper-free and putting all of your documents online, you will save yourself huge amounts of money and make a change to nature and the wildlife. Paper is something we can definitely all live without and now technology is used so widely, there is no need to gratuitously cut down forests and woodland to provide for our paper-addiction.

Advertise Online

No longer is it necessary to pay expensive advertisement fees, and rather, we can advertise for free on the internet. Modern technology has offered us many methods of saving money, and free internet advertisement is certainly the best of all. If you were to hire a team of advertisers to market your brand, you would be looking upward of a few thousand dollars at the very minimum.

Communicate for Free

Communication, courtesy of modern technology, is now easier than ever. Communication before technology meant frequent business meetings and long phone calls. Now an entire year of communication can be handled via email and video chat. This has saved money, time, and petrol!

Enhanced Security

Modern technology has provided unparalleled security. Modern technology saves you money and time in that now you can secure your documents fast and cheap. You can do this in a way that ensures you complete and total security, meaning your data can never be compromised.
Now you know seven of the advantages of using modern technology. You can save both money and time and ensure that your business runs fluidly and easily. If you are not using modern technology already, it’s about time you did.
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