College is all about studies: lectures, classes, projects, homework, conferences, and other assignments that take all your spare time and even more. Being a student may be tough, and sometimes, when you are pressed with another deadline, you start thinking, «Is there someone who can do my assignment for me cheap?». Getting a little help will not hurt, and in fact, today, there are many options on the web that can help make students’ life much easier. Different websites offer you help with completing your homework, interesting ideas for your projects, time-management tactics, and much more. In this guide, we will cover the top websites that all students should definitely check in college.

Top helpful websites to use on campus

As a student, you have a lot of things on your mind from coming deadlines to possible ways of making extra money. To successfully combine your studies with a part-time job and even relationships, you have to make use of all possible sources that can facilitate the learning process, make you more productive and free up some spare time. There is a variety of websites that can help you study smarter, quicker, and better, develop your creativity, and improve your overall performance. We recommend you to start with the following sources that are must-have for every college student:

1. Quora

This resource works by the principle question-answer: you set a question on any topic that makes you interested, and people share their thoughts in the comments section. For example, you can ask for some book or movie recommendation or discuss the difficulties of World War II. The platform becomes very useful both for getting answers to important questions and meeting new people you can talk to.

2. Sleepyti

Sleep is the thing that many students don't know about. Due to increased workloads, you sometimes have to stay up late and then wake up pretty early to catch the first lecture. This website is aimed to normalize your sleep as it is based on people's sleep cycles. It can help you get in bed at the right time, and you will be surprised how a couple of hours of sleep taken at the right time (for example, in the middle of the day) can make you feel refreshed and energetic. The only thing you should do is type in the time you have to wake up, and the platform will provide you with at least four options of when you should fall asleep.

3. TEDx

The main mission of this project is to spread the ideas and what is more important for a student than getting inspired by something that can change lives? The website features an unlimited number of videos on practically any topic, and just recently, the platform has reached one billion views. Besides, you can attend one of its events taking place nearby and even become a speaker: it's a perfect opportunity for realization and global exposure.

4. Edx

This platform was developed by two most prestigious US universities, Harvard and MIT, and is used for open learning worldwide. Its only mission is to let anyone receive education of high quality provided in the form of courses from the best institutions. The website is a nonprofit provider that has already over 130 partners.

5. Coursera

Another platform providing the best learning experience worldwide is Coursera. Currently, it has over 33 million users taking one of the 3K courses in over 250 majors. During the course you receive all the materials, video lectures, get auto-graded and receive a certificate.

6. Chegg Books

Students always spend lots of money on new books each semester. But what if you could get a 90% discount for it? The platform also offers an option to return the textbooks and other materials in case you didn't make use of them within 21 days.

7. Habitica

If you have problems with productivity, this website is full of people who have overcome this challenge. The tool is free and helps you build useful habits and treat your assignments like a game. You have fun and complete your tasks, isn't that great?
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