Have you been wondering why freelance work has picked up pace over the past few years? Well, this could be attributed to the fact that it’s cheaper for employers to contract freelancers as they’ll not need a physical office. In addition to this, employers get to pick only the best.

If you consider yourself a freelancer, there are so many opportunities waiting for you out there if only you would do your research and find a worthwhile gig. Online work can be your main source of income or a side hustle that can help to pay the bills and see you flourish in life. With that in mind, below are jobs you can do as a freelancer.

1. Vlogging

You’ve seen trending videos on YouTube and have been wondering how those guys make a living out of them. Well, you’ll be surprised to know that you can actually make bucks out of making videos and spreading them through your social media channels. However, this requires that you have basic video production skills. You could become a product influencer and make good money from companies that require such services. But before you start vlogging, here are some important pointers to take home:
  • Select a niche to involve yourself in
  • Find yourself quality video recording equipment
  • Subscribe to a partner program that pays well such as YouTube
  • Promote well-paying products
  • Share quality content on your channels

2. Writing

There are various online writing platforms that you can work in as a freelancer. You can either work as a writer, copywriter, or as a transcriptionist. You have UpWork, Rev, and TranscribeMe, just to mention but a few. These are among the best paying online writing platforms. Alternatively, you can also find content builders you can work for. Either way, you have endless options when it comes to online writing contractors.

3. Online Support and Assistance Jobs

You could become a virtual assistant to multiple companies and make good money out of it. With your qualifications, because for starters, you need to prove yourself worthy to meet the employment criteria, you’ll be able to help website users find what they are looking for and still manage to boost productivity in such sites. This is a great job idea if you’re looking to work remotely and in the comfort of your home.

4. Managing Social Media Accounts

As a social media account manager, you’ll help businesses looking to gain traffic and followers. This way, they’ll promote their business agenda to millions of social media users. You, however, need to have great interaction skills and customer service skills to be a good social media account manager.

5. Software Programming, Web Design, and Development Jobs

Mobile app development jobs are among the highest online jobs you can work on as a freelancer. You’ll need to take advantage of technological advancements to come up with intuitive applications and develop software applications that help users in their daily tasks. Having such skills will require that you build your online reputation for you to get high paying jobs in this niche.

As a web designer, you’ll be able to work remotely and as a fulltime employee to some of the best companies. It could be anything from designing websites, maintaining websites, or in promoting websites.

6. Online Tutor

Today, there are online tutorials that help ordinary users on how to do stuff. This can range between cooking to everyday DIY hacks. All you need is to have special skills in various areas you’d deem important to the everyday crisis and create a tutorial platform in the same.

7. Blogging

We are in an era where almost everyone is blogging. The best part about blogging is that you’ll be writing or doing your most passionate things. This means that you’ll never be discouraged in such a line of work. As a blogger, you must build a personal brand that identifies with your passions. You’ll also get inspiration from your audience, and this will help to motivate you. Most importantly, create blog posts that answer everyday questions from the people you engage in your social media accounts. This is the fundamental application when it comes to blogging.

Now, working as a freelancer requires discipline and total commitment. If you are looking to make money when working online, you’ll also need to be resilient and original because of the stiff competition. When working as a freelancer, it’s vitally important to utilize the most effective communication tools as online work involves a lot of communication. The above are jobs you can successfully work as a freelancer and make a living out of them.
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