There are a bunch of audio converters on the market but few can do a good job. It’s a little difficult for you to find a good one as you don’t have time to test it one by one. If you’re inclined to looking for a professional and full-featured audio converter, you may consider that one called TunesKit Audio Converter.

TunesKit Audio Converter is a professional and powerful audio converter. With its help, you can extract songs from Apple Music and iTunes and convert iTunes and Audible audiobooks to MP3 or others. Besides that, TunesKit also lets you convert a bunch of common audio files to several popular audio formats.

Main Features of TunesKit Audio Converter Include:

Download Apple Music and iTunes songs to popular audio formats losslessly

All songs from Apple Music are streaming contents. With the subscription of membership on Apple Music, you don’t have worry about the playback of songs, but you cannot really keep them even though you download them offline. Meanwhile, all songs you purchased from iTunes are encrypted which can only played on those specified devices. TunesKit software just let you keep songs from Apple Music and iTunes and listen to them across all of your devices.

Save iTunes and Audible audiobooks to common audio formats with chapters

You can purchase audiobooks from Audible or iTunes and listen to them on your portable device while on the move. But those audiobooks can only compatible with your devices with iTunes or Audible programs as that format protection limits the usage and distribution of copyrighted audiobooks. If you want to stream iTunes or Audible audiobooks from any devices, TunesKit can make you achieve it.

Convert common audios like M4A, M4B and other files to other audio formats

Extracting songs from Apple Music is TunesKit's most significant feature. Besides that, it can also convert a number of common audio formats like M4A, M4B, M4P and more to several popular audio formats for listening anywhere. For the purpose of using audios in some places with the special requirement, TunesKit can be capable of tackling the conversion of audio format well.

Configure the output audio formats and parameters according to your demand

If you want to make your music with more exciting personalities, TunesKit offers you enough horsepower to do it. Except for setting the output audio format, TunesKit also allows you to customize the output audio parameters, such as bit rate, sample rate, codec, and much more. Furthermore, it can help you trim the long music or audiobook files to small pieces by time, chapter or segments.

Preserve the converted audio files with the original audio quality and ID3 tags

It’s easy to tackle of the conversion of audio files but not all audio converter can ensure the output audio quality. TunesKit software can make you achieve the conversion while retaining the original audio quality for the output files. It also integrates the options for you to edit the ID tags info of the audio files.

How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 with TunesKit

From the above specific introduction, you could know that TunesKit can enable you achieve the conversion of audio files with ease. Here we will walk you through on how to extract MP3 from Apple Music. Even though you stop paying for Apple Music, you still have right to listen to your favorite tracks from Apple Music. To achieve it, you just need to perform three steps.

Part 1. Launch TunesKit and import Apple Music to TunesKit

First of all, download and install TunesKit Audio Converter on your computer. Then run TunesKit software on your computer and you’re prepared to import your Apple Music to it for the conversion. Make sure that Apple Music can be played on your computer and your iTunes has been authorized to your device. Once you launch TunesKit software, you will three buttons at the top of the interface:

  1. Load iTunes Library: The first icon marked “Load iTunes Library” is used for you to convert some audio files with unusual formats, including Apple Music, songs and audiobooks from iTunes, or Audible audiobooks. For converting those audio files, you can click on it for loading them into TunesKit software.
  2. Add Files: The second icon marked “Add Files” can let you import any common audios you want to convert. If you want to convert audio files except for Apple Music and others, just click on it and import them to TunesKit software for the conversion.
  3. Converted: You can browse the converted audio files after the conversion by clicking on the third icon marked “Converted”. Besides, you can locate the folder where you save the converted audio files.

As you want to let TunesKit tackle the conversion of Apple Music, you could click the Music note button. Besides that, you can also drag and drop your Apple Music from the local folders to the interface of TunesKit directly.

Part 2. Customize the format and parameters for the output audios

Then you go to the key step, that is, adjust the basic settings for the output audios. Click on the “Format” panel and you will see a pop-up window. In this option, you can set the output audio format and adjust the bit rate, sample rate, codec, and channel. There are six audio formats for you choose from, including MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, and M4B. To extract MP3 from Apple Music, you should select MP3 as your output audio format. Remember to click the “OK” button to save your settings and come back to TunesKit interface.

Part 3. Convert Apple Music to MP3 or other popular audio formats

After setting all the properties, you can now click the “Convert” button at the lower right corner and let TunesKit start the conversion of Apple Music immediately. Once it’s done, you can locate the converted audio files in the history folder by clicking on the “Converted” button at the top of the interface and start the playback of Apple Music on any device or platform.


In short, TunesKit Audio Converter is a comprehensive audio converter designed for users who want to tackle the conversion of special and common audio files. You can use TunesKit to enjoy your audios across all of your devices and share your favorite tracks with others. If you like it, just visit its official website and download the free trial to have a shot.

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