Did you just come to know about VPNs? No problem! There is a first time for everything. We are here to help! Here we highlight everything a new VPN user must know about the super-useful technology. Let’s get started, shall we?

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN offers protection as you browse over the Internet, by establishing a secure connection on both, public and private networks. A VPN does this, by routing your traffic via different servers around the world and protecting you from any threats lurking around the web – hacker attacks, data theft and more.
People can use a VPN for many purposes including but not limited to, minimizing exposure online, safeguarding their data and gaining access to censored content. Console gamers also use VPN on their PS4 and Xbox One.

Unblocking Streaming Services

Apart from ensuring better security, VPNs also enable you to get your way around any prevalent censorship and access geo-blocked content from around the globe. Do you wish to access the complete Netflix catalog even without residing in the United States? Perhaps, Hulu from around the globe? Normally, you can’t do that owing to the geo-blocks.
However, if you have a VPN for Netflix, you can do just that, i.e. unblock Netflix US from anywhere in the world or access Netflix Japan for instance. Likewise, it can help you efficiently change your location to any other country and unblock just about anything within a span of seconds.

Avoiding Censorship

If you plan on going to a country that has significant internet censorship in place – or currently reside in one – you can solve this problem with a VPN. A reliable VPN can enable you to access the Internet in such a place. Whether you are worrying about the great firewall of China, VoIP apps in Dubai or any other kind of media in Russia; government censorship wouldn’t be a problem for you anymore.

Safe and Unlimited Torrenting

Torrenting itself might not be illegal, but the downloading of pirated content constitutes something illegal. Therefore, many countries have banned the larger torrent sites. ISPs and copyright watchdogs often track the Torrenters’ activity, often resulting in fines and even jail sentences. But a VPN won’t just let you access torrent sites but hide your activity with P2P servers specialized for torrenting.

How can a VPN ensure maximum privacy?

A reliable and trustworthy VPN ensures maximum privacy by not only hiding your IP address but providing other features such as a kill switch that terminates the Internet connection in the event of a connection failure. On the other hand, a 256 – bit military grade encryption ensures that the data is completely secure when being transmitted.

No-Logs Policies

A VPN must have a strong No-Logs-Policy – an absence of which could mean that your online activity might be recorded by the service. The reputed VPN services guarantee that any information pertaining to your connection and bandwidth data will not be collected or stored; through a Zero Logs Policy. This means, your information is secure in case the authorities demand it to be handed over.

You must always opt for a Zero-Logs VPN service provider, unless you have absolutely no interest in leaving no digital footprint.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has answered all your pressing questions and given you at least some satisfaction regarding how helpful a VPN app can prove to be for you. So, if you want to unblock streams from the leading streaming giants with fast speeds or want to be left alone with your data or simply believe in an Internet without borders; a solid VPN can help you in this regard.
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