Microsoft MD-100 is developed to evaluate the candidates’ skills and ability to perform specific technical tasks. To pass this exam, the students should be able to deploy Windows and maintain it, configure connectivity, and manage data and devices. It is essential to mention that those individuals who have already passed the Microsoft 70-698 test before its expiration don’t have to take this certification exam. Otherwise, you should go ahead to take Microsoft MD-101 to enable you to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential click.

Overview of Microsoft MD-100 exam

The candidates for Microsoft MD-100 are the administrators with skills in configuring, deploying, monitoring, securing, and managing devices & clients’ applications in the enterprise environment. In addition to this, they manage identity, policies, apps, updates, and access. As the certified specialists, they usually collaborate with the Microsoft 365 enterprise administrators to implement and design a device strategy that fulfills the business needs of modern organizations. To be fully prepared for this certification test, you should be conversant with Microsoft 365 workloads and should have proficiency and a certain level of skills in configuring, maintaining and deploying Windows 10, as well as non-Windows technologies and devices.

We Exam-Labs also want to mention that this exam is part of the prerequisites for obtaining the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification. The candidates should be adequately prepared before attempting this test to avoid its retaking. There are quite a good number of preparation resources available for this exam. Check out the training materials available on the Microsoft webpage to start your preparation in earnest. Exam-Labs also offers a lot of up-to-date tools that you can use to prepare for Microsoft MD-100.This platform can provide you with the best practice tests with answers from the IT experts and video tutorials that are designed by the experienced specialists.

Micros of MD-100 is only available in the English language, and the candidates planning to take this examare required to pay$165 as the registration fee. After this, you can go ahead to schedule your preferred date and time for the test. As mentioned earlier, it is essential that the individuals understand the exam content and topics before taking this certification test. Understanding the objectives is very crucial to your success. That is why let’s explore these subjects in detail and look at the components that you have to master before you attempt Microsoft MD-100.

Details of Microsoft MD-100 exam objectives

• Deploying Windows: 15-20%
The candidates preparing for the Microsoft MD-100 exam must be able to deploy Windows 10. Their skills will be evaluated based on the elements of this topic. To successfully answer the questions from it, you should understand all about performing a clean installation, configuring language packs, selecting the appropriate Windows version, migrating data of a user, and troubleshooting activation issues. The students should know how to carry out an in-place upgrade, which includes using tools, such as WDS, MDT, and ADK. The applicants need to develop the relevant skills in performing configuration after the successful installation. This means they have to learn how to customize Windows desktop and configure mobility settings, Edge and Internet Explorer,and sign-in options.

• Managing data & devices: 35-40%
This topic has the highest percentage among others. This means that the learners should dedicate more time to studying this objective before they attempt the MD-100 exam. Under this topic area, the candidates should understand the process involved in the management of local users, devices, and local groups. This means they have to develop competence in the management of devices in directories, local groups, and local users. In addition to this, the individuals need to learn how to configure protection &data access. Moreover, they need to be able to configure NTFS permissions and configure shared permissions. They also should gain skills in configuring devices through the use of local policies. This includes configuring local registry, implementing local policy, and troubleshooting group policies on devices. The skills in the management of Windows security are also essential for good performance in this Microsoft certification test. This means the examinees should be able to configure Windows Defender Firewall, UAC, and perform encryption implementation.

• Configuring connectivity: 15-20%
This topic requires that the exam candidates learn how to configure networking. This means they need competence in the configuration of mobile networking, client IP settings, Wi-Fi profiles, VPN client, and troubleshooting networking. To master this objective, you also need skills in remote connectivity configuration that includes remote management and desktop access, as well as enabling PowerShell Remoting.

• Maintaining Windows: 25-30%
The understanding of this exam topic is also important to successful performance. Before attempting Microsoft MD-100, the students should learn how to configure data & system recovery. This means they must be able to perform file recovery, which includes OneDrive; recover Windows 10; troubleshoot boot/startup process. The candidates should also be able to manage updates. This requires checking for them, troubleshooting if needed, configuring Windows update options, and also the selection of appropriate servicing channel, and validation and testing of updates. They also need to be able to monitor & manage Windows. In other words, the applicants should have the capacity to manage performance, analyze and configure event logs, and manage the environment of Windows 10.


These are the topics that the candidates must study in preparation for the Microsoft MD-100 certification exam. You should know that there are a lot of study materials that you can access to prepare for this test. There are free video training courses, paid instructor-led training, practice tests, tips and recommendations that will help you achieve success without much stress. Many platforms can offer you all these resources.And the Exam-Labs website is one of them. It is a great site to get the relevant materials for any exam. In addition to video tutorials, you can also get access to up-to-date brain dumps. Whatever platform you use for preparing for your certification test, make sure that you have access to the relevant and genuine resources. It will help you a lot, believe us.
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