Whether you're running a small business or an extremely large one, you'll find that using your mobile phone to grow your business is always a viable method of helping your business grow exponentially. With the amount of time that a person spends on their phone averaging around three hours a day, your phone is a tool that’s definitely going to help you reach more people all around the globe as they're probably facing their screens.

This article is going to tell you about seven very easily implementable ways you can use your phone to grow your business.

1. Set Up Shop Online

People love ordering online, whether it's food, clothing, or purchasing a random item. This means that providing those people with the ability to explore your business online on their smartphones can increase the number of people you reach by a very large amount. It's also very convenient for your customers to be able to access your business through their phones and providing customers with that convenience is very rewarding.

2. Get Confirmations Easily

Whether you're asking a client for confirmation, a customer for their signature on their purchase, or just your supervisor for the green light, your phone can speed all of those processes up greatly. People always have their smartphones next to them so it's much more likely you will get a response through using the phone over any other method.

3. Provide a New Method of Payment

With more options of payment coming out, people all over the world are starting to transition to using their smartphones to pay for items in real life. Using smartphones to issue quick confirmations and receipts can help a lot of potential customers to use an alternative method of payment that they might prefer.

4. Communicate With Your Customers Easily

If your business relies on scheduling appointments with clients or PIN code confirmations, then a really easy method of doing that can be over the phone. It might take days for someone to check their email but if you send them an SMS message with a reminder or a pin, they're bound to see it on the same day, if not the same hour. Experienced global messaging company Messente, advocates for the use of mobile phones for business growth as they state that it makes any payments or confirmations a lot easier and safer. The messages are always secure and you even have an option for a two-step authentication linked with a person’s phone number is the cherry on top of the sundae.

5. Make Your Brand Shine

Using your phone to help your business grow is a trick that all extremely successful companies do, but the small companies in the market that use this platform are very limited. If you start using your phone to market yourself, build your brand, and create a strong online presence then you'll be shining far brighter than most of the other small businesses in the market and this gives you a very good competitive advantage.

6. Helps You Constantly Be Available

Whenever customers have a specific inquiry, they usually try to communicate with a business via their phone numbers and whenever you're available to answer, their opinion of your business strengthens as a good customer service reputation is worth gold in the market. Make sure you're readily available to answer any questions by simply using your phone to reply as it makes the entire process a lot easier.

7. Keeping Ties With Your Customers

One way you can grow your business is by constantly reminding everyone around you of your presence as things are very easily forgotten during times where you're very busy. Shooting a reminder text to your customers/clients can keep you in the back of their minds for much longer and if they ever need anything related to what your business offers, your business will be the first one to pop into their heads. Constantly reminding them of their next appointment or if they're due to make another one can be very easily done over the phone by simply sending a few text messages. The time taken to do this is very low while the reward it grants your business is very high.

Using your phone to grow your business can be one of the easiest and cheapest forms of growing your business as the results from doing it are extremely lucrative and the only thing that you'll be spending is a few minutes every day. This makes your phone one of your most prized business assets as the growth it can bring to your company is incredible.
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