Today, we’re taking a look at what is a professional PDF converter and editor for all you Linux users out there: Able2Extract Professional 15
This tool has been around and available for Ubuntu and Fedora for a while now, and with every update - the latest being version 15.0 - this software has gotten better and better without having to drastically increase in pricing.
The software has powerful PDF tools and features any digital document worker would need or want. A partial list of the features it comes with:
  • Convert scanned and native PDF to over 10 file formats
  • Instantly edit PDF text, graphic elements and pages
  • Create secure PDFs with passwords and various file permissions
  • Sign PDF documents with image and digital signatures
  • Annotate and Redact PDF content
  • Manually configure PDF to Excel conversions
  • Index legal PDF documents with Bates numbering

Now, we’ve tested out the PDF form feature from the previous version and got a taste of its learning curve, quality and functionality. It was impressive with what you were able to do without it getting complicated or too overly advanced.
Well, this version seems to follow that lead as we hear this tool is bent on making PDF sessions and work easier for the user by focusing on how users work with documents and software.
We’re taking another look at the newest version and so far, it’s easy to see why this tool is a great PDF tool for Linux.

What Does Able2Extract Professional Have to Offer?

Revamped New Interface

Toolbar and Side panel: This is a new design that is highly functional and changes the way Able2Extract users interact with the PDF features of the software. Veering away from the usual menus and overly simplistic tabbed menu, this tool hit a happy, more modern medium than previous versions by using a ribbon-style layout to the toolbar.

The software is packed with different features and settings, so it only makes sense that this set up is supplemented with a side panel containing the relevant settings at your fingertips. It’s super efficient and saves you from having to search around for the right options.

Start page: A new start page is front and center when you first open the software. It’s home to your Recent Files list, interface customization options, and tutorials on the major PDF functionalities. Like it’s name suggests, it’s the place where you start setting yourself up for your PDF work session.

Light and Dark themes: For the first time, this software lets you switch the interface’s appearance from light to dark themes. This is a nice addition that lets you avoid the eyestrain that comes with long hours in front of a screen or looking at a bright screen in a dimly lit area.

Interface Language: Not only can you change up the theme, but you can also change the language of the UI. Switch between English, Spanish, French, and German from the drop down menu on the Start page and you’re good to go.

OCR Support for Different Languages

If you thought it was hard to work with scanned PDF documents, then you can imagine what working with a scanned PDF in a different language would be like. Able2Extract Professional 15 now has the ability to convert scanned PDFs that contain French, Spanish or German special characters.

This makes working with non-English and scanned PDFs that much easier. Simply select the language of your choice in the Conversion Options dialog which can be accessed on the Convert tab menu.

Batch Image Creation to PDF

New to this software as well is the ability to batch create PDFs from image files. If you’re into graphic design or creating proofs for publishing material, using this tool to help create your portfolio in PDF format is a great idea.

Just upload your images to the Batch PDF Creator tool and select your output. If you select the “Merge Results into a Single File” option, you’ll be able to batch merge all those newly converted PDFs into one individual file instantly.

Enhanced Custom PDF to Excel

This software is known for its custom PDF to Excel conversions. It’s the only major PDF tool out there to let you man handle the rows and columns of the tables in your PDF to get your converted tabular data just the way you want it in MS Excel.

In addition to that, you are now allowed to set header and footer settings for each individual table. This means that you can decide which and how much of the content around the table is extracted with your data (the fine print under a chart, for instance, that provides extra info on the table). In addition, you can set text splitting options for each table, so you can cater your conversions results to each table formatting and extract data more precisely into formatted spreadsheets.

Other tweaks & improvements

  • Enhanced PDF search functionality - now you can search PDFs more efficiently, accurately and even in reverse.
  • Splitting documents into even parts - split your PDF document instantly into even parts.
  • Tool tips - for new and old users alike, you can get info tips on a button in the toolbar to better understand what the command will do.


There you have it, readers! Just a peek behind the features and good look at the major improvements that are headlining this release.
You can get it on Ubuntu and Fedora free to try for 7 days. Feel free to test drive it and comment on your experience with the software below.
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