With the introduction of technology and new modes of communication, one is at a greater risk of their information being leaked or misused. People who are busy handling each and every minute detail of the business themselves are often worrying about the information they have. Losing even a slight piece of information can be an extremely big deal for the development and growth of their business.
This is one of the reasons why many famous technology brands like Google have managed to introduce Google drive that can keep your personal and private information secure. However, another similar product like that of Google Drive is Mailfence. It offers the same facilities that Google is famous for. It is very important to analyze the type of facilities that Mailfence has to offer and what are major benefits that it can bring about for your business both in the long as well as the short run.

Mailfence like Gmail is a secure email service interface that was launched in 2013. It is a favorite amongst consumers and security agencies for the mere reason that its encryption is based on open source fundamentals. It is considered to be the best alternative or substitute to services Google provides such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive. ContactOffice Group developed this project in November 2013 and ensured that it offers OpenPGP.
The company that launched this service is based in Belgium. Mailfence provides a secure way to communicate on the internet by making sure that customer’s privacy is not under jeopardy. Most of the people have always had issue with their privacy being invaded or hacked therefore mailfence is a perfect solution for them. It is a wonderful way to keep a backup of all your files and folders as the risk of losing them or accidentally deleting them is completely minimized.

The database is set up on the basis of Belgian privacy laws which were introduced in 2016 therefore it is secured quite heavily in terms of that. Also if the government was to ask for the data from the firm they would inform the customer prior to handing over the data unlike other competitors. It also detaches your IP address from your outgoing mails which for some is a bonus point. The information is in safe hands and no third party has the right to access your information at any cost. The Belgian laws strictly have control over the information that is important for you.


Mailfence offers wide variety of features that helps in elevating it among the consumers. Some of the features include the following:
  • Private Email: one thing that it offers is that it cannot be under government surveillance. Therefore the emails cannot be tracked or monitored. Not only that it does not allow any ads and spam as well. It has a solid privacy protection plan in place which keeps the emails secure 100% at all times. Third party members or entities cannot access the emails. The Belgian privacy law is very strict in nature so the service is curated on the basis of these laws.
  • Secure Emails: the way that Mailfence encrypts the emails makes it even difficult for the service provider to read the emails themselves. The digital signatures ensure authenticity in terms of the email being sent only by you. it has a two factor authentication process in place in case of passwords being compromised. It has an integrated keystore that allows you to generate more than one pair of key that other sites similar to Mailfence do not provide.
  • More than emails: it allows you to organize and maintain your calendar which is extremely handy and can be shared in a secure environment. Documents can be shared and edited online as well. There is no fear of them getting stolen as the will be kept under security with the access only to you. It also allows you to make contact groups and import contacts from all your accounts to allow easy access and sharing of information.
  • Privacy: the Consumer or user do not need to provide their actual name to set up an account. Plus it provides secure service and has procedures in place to protect the privacy of users.

Why choose Mailfence?

Often times people aim to look for differentiating factors when choosing or selecting any service or product. They want solid reasons for why they should select a particular service over the others. This is where it is the duty of the business to provide something more or something extra to its customers.
Mailfence prides itself from being easy to use. It is browser based and has no plug ins or add ons. It allows you to create and manage your account without any hassle. It is not a complex model which makes it all the more beneficial. The best thing about it is that according to the Belgian law nobody can access your data or browser history which undergoes a cryptography procedure. It provides secured setup of end to end encryption. In accordance to the OpenPGP standards the consumer has the liberty to encrypt or secure whichever email they want to communicate with anyone they want.

Pricing of MailFence

The next big question is about how much this service cost. So they have series of plans in place for customers, which make it flexible for consumers to maneuver around with. They recommend you to start with a free plan the services given include 500 emails, 500 MB documents and 1000 event calendars. It also allows you to make 1 group.
For the entry level plan which costs €2,50 per month the services include 5 GB emails, 10 alias, 12 GB documents, 10,000 event calendars and the liberty to make 3 groups. For the pro level account set up the cost is of €7.50 per month which include the services of 20 GB emails, 50 alias, 24 GB documents and 50,000 events calendars. It also gives you the option of formulating 5 groups of your contacts for the ease of sharing information.

Customer Support

Another one of the best things about this service is that it has a really friendly and supportive customer support service in place. The customers support representatives are easy to access and pose queries at. They help in guiding the customers in the right direction in the best possible manner. The firm also has a blog in place which provides detailed information about any issue or feature the customer is not able to fully grasp.

Advantages and disadvantages

Some of the most apparent advantages of mailfence are that it is compatible with all sorts of devices which make it easier to use anywhere. It allows small scale enterprises to sign up for free. It has three extremely flexible plans in place for consumers that males it all the more practical. It is a stable and secure service that makes it all the more easy to communicate. Once the account is registered a standard procedural email follows by the service provider that allows the customer to verify the account. Users with paid plan can have customized domain name which is an added bonus for businesses especially. The best thing is that it ensures 100% privacy which is in accordance to the Belgian law. It also does not expect the users to download any sort of extra software for the service to be used. It is pretty simplistic in its instructions as well.

As far as disadvantages are concerned due to the fact that the service is still relatively new no recorded disadvantage has been in place to discredit the service. So far it has received positive reviews from people purely because it is a reliable source. However that being said it can be used for the operations of black market which is huge social disadvantage which needs to be looked into.

A Quick Guide to the Pros and Cons of Mailfence

Pros of Using Mailfence

  • It is compatible with all types of devices.
  • Many small organizations can sign up on Mailfence for free.
  • The Belgian Law offers protection and security to its users.
  • The services offered by Mailfence are highly stable and easy to use.
  • The users also have the right to decide the email that they wish to secure and encrypt.
  • Easy mode of communication can be established with the help of OpenPGP, standard and import/export keys.
  • No third party has the right to access your data.
  • Many people are often tired of plug-ins and add-ons. However, using Mailfence can make you feel at ease as it is completely browser based. Users have the option to manage and create their keys under one single platform.

Cons of Using Mailfence

  • Many people who have used Mailfence for a vast variety of reasons in their everyday and routine business life have found it quite useful. There is drawback in terms of using it and replacing it with the existing system that is being used by you in your company.


Mailfence has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy service provider that ensures secure source of communication. It encrypts emails and provides private communication possible. If a new business wants to set up an account for business purposes this can be a probable source for them to use. They have flexible planning procedures in place that consumers can choose from as well.
Mailfence is definitely the best option one can come across as it ensures that your email stays protected at all times. It is quite cheap as compared to many other existing alternatives that are available in order to encrypt and secure important emails.
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