Online jobs and businesses are a new trend in the labor sector. Working online can either be a supplement to your existing wages or your sole occupation. Pew Research Center (2016) asserts that 8% of Americans made money online in 2015 alone. Only 18% of this population earned from selling a product. This data suggests that the remaining fraction utilized their knowledge and skills. While it may sound direct, one may stumble around before finding a profitable niche. So, are you a student asking how to make money in college, unemployed, or need that extra cash? This guide details three ideas to help you find a niche online where you can have the freedom and success you need.

Blogging in a Niche Where you are an Expert defines a blog as an informational webpage made up of distinct units called posts. Although often free, you can monetize a blog if you own one or earn through revenue sharing if you don’t own one. The secret to achieving success in blogging is selecting a niche that you an expert and is your passion. If a beginner, learn more about the subject or niche you have chosen; the more you learn the more you earn. Keep adding content to your blog and focus on growing your following. Remember your selected niche determines the traffic on your blog. Blogging experts recommend choosing a niche full of customers seeking solutions (Walker, 2014). Here are ways you can earn from this venture, whether you do or do not own a blog.

Blog Monetization

Information products and advertisements are a great monetization strategy for bloggers. You do not need to own a blog to engage with the former method. Even beginners can sell e-resources online. But if you are an already established blogger with an audience, you will be more successful. If you are new and lack followers, there are plenty of ways to reach your target audience. Examples include:
  • Landing pages
  • Forums
  • Pay per View advertisements
  • Contextual links
  • Pay per Click marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Podcasts
  • Social media
Top bloggers in the country sharing their experiences confirm these methods are effective. Jessica Knapp (2019) warns about complying with Google terms and conditions when monetizing blogs. If you provide the correct content, keep learning, you are set for success. If you still thinking I need money right now, set up your blog, add your content, get following and monetize it.

Revenue Sharing

Several blog platforms allow writers to create content for them. If you do not have a blog, consider writing for them for a revenue share of the article. Not only do you receive a 75% commission of these ads but you also gain experience if you are new. Such platforms have massive traffic. Do not show concern that you will receive little money. The amount you make is way more than what you can make from your blog. Moreover, others allow you to publish materials in your subject and the format of your choosing. The standard formats supported include audio, text, video and images. Examples of such authority sites include Hub Pages, Digital Journal, and Best Reviewer. Get more traffic and get paid for your blog content today!

Go Freelance


Writing is the fastest way to earn from all the available online platforms. As a freelance writer, you have the freedom to choose what you want to write. Freelance writers have the independence and flexibility that everyone desires. Whether you are a learner, a mother or you run your business, you can work as a writer. You also do not need office space, work from your computer from anywhere in the world. Writers can choose their interest subjects and work on them at their own time as long as they meet the deadline. Your effort determines your pay because payment is per page. Existing essay writing services offer different pay. They can also develop a custom essay for a student with a tight schedule but needs to complete their paper.

Transcribing and Translating

If you are still looking for a faster way of making money in college, consider these two. As long as you are fluent in more than one language and have no hearing or speech impairment, you are right for this job. You can listen to audio and convert it to text or translate from one language to another and get handsome pay. Today, there are numerous translation and transcription agencies. All you need to do is undergo training, take a test, get approved and start working. You can work from wherever you are. All you need is a working computer, transcription software (free), and an internet connection.


Programming is among the top jobs that make a lot of money for anyone looking to work online today. But to be a programmer, you need special skills and training. You must be proficient in at least two programming languages. Common ones include Java, C++, Python, Oracle, and MySQL among others. If you have the desire and passion for technology and wish to be a programmer, the solutions are online too. Various schools on YouTube such as W3Schools help you to educate yourself.

Find a Job that Doesn’t Need You to be in Office

In the contemporary world, the internet is your office. Our smartphones, computers, and other portable devices have access to the web 24/7. You can now carry everything that before fitted in an office within your pocket. Boxes of documents are now archived into MBS of data. With these advancements, you can work without leaving your couch in the morning. These developments do not mean that companies will change their recruitment process. All employers still need competent workers with good values and experience. Thus, employees, whether working online or in an office still need perfect resumes. ResumeThatWorks develops excellent resumes based on Human Resource principles. Get these services today and land any of the online jobs that you want. You can also join this team of resume developers or consider a career in any of the following:
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid Surveys
  • Cost-per-action Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-View Marketing
  • Email marketing

By now, you must have decided the niche that you will work. Do not be too excited to start and end up bored a few weeks into the job. Be patient and focus on the niche you have chosen. For some of these ideas, you may not start making money right away. But if you believe in the concept, have passion, and use the knowledge and skills you have. Deliver quality work and watch your business grow. You will not believe how much you will be making by the end of the second or third month. If your idea sprung in an instant, you are among the lucky ones. Enjoy the independence, flexibility and wealth that comes with online jobs.
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