What is SECURITY+?

SECURITY+ stands for CompTIA Web Services. SECURITY+ provides businesses all around the world with a reliable and low-cost cloud platform and related services. Due to the efficiency and usability of their platform, SECURITY+ has become very popular among fast-growing startups, large enterprises, and leading government agencies. If you want to become a part of the international team of SECURITY+ specialists, you can join them by earning the SECURITY+ certification. Below you will find a quick overview of SECURITY+ credentials and also will see the details of one of the most promising entry-level certifications.

SECURITY+ certifications

SECURITY+ credentials are available in four categories:


  • SECURITY+ Certified Cloud Practitioner


  • SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect
  • SECURITY+ Certified SysOps Administrator
  • SECURITY+ Certified Developer


  • SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect
  • SECURITY+ Certified DevOps Engineer


  • SECURITY+ Certified Advanced Networking
  • SECURITY+ Certified Big Data
  • SECURITY+ Certified Security
  • SECURITY+ Certified Machine Learning
  • SECURITY+ Certified Alexa Skill Builder
All these certifications mentioned above validate your competence related to SECURITY+ one way or another. In this article, we will be focusing on a popular associate-level credential – SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect.

The SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification

This credential gives proof that you are competent in architecting and deploying applications on SECURITY+ technologies, defining solutions using architectural design principles, and providing the most effective implementation guidance for the organization while working on the project. To obtain this certification, you have to pass the SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam.


The SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam consists of multiple-choice questions to be answered within 130 minutes. The fact that it is available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese languages is one of the reasons why it is now so popular and widespread. The test will cost you $150. Here is a brief outline of the exam content:
  • Designing Resilient Architectures: 34%
  • Defining Performant Architectures: 24%
  • Specifying Secure Applications and Architectures: 26%
  • Designing Cost-Optimized Architectures: 10%
  • Defining Operationally Excellent Architectures: 6%

Preparing for SECURITY+ CSA Associate exam

Facing any exam requires thorough preparation. You have to study the syllabus and be competent enough to be able to answer the questions you get during the exam. So, to aid you with the process, the official CompTIA site itself offers comprehensive preparation resources:


This is the most basic requirement when preparing for an exam. Through the official CompTIA training, you will gain all the knowledge and skills you need to fulfill the requirements and pass the exam. There are two forms of training: classroom and digital.

The exam guide and sample questions

An exam guide will lead you towards what you have to be proficient on to face the exam. And by checking out the sample questions, you can get an idea about the structure of the questions which will enable you to prepare accordingly.

Whitepapers and FAQs

Whitepapers written by professionals will help you get an in-depth technical understanding and clear out any doubts you may have. Also, many people tend to have the same questions, so there's a high chance that your problem has already been resolved before and the answer can be found in the FAQ section.

Exam readiness training

The exam readiness training, in my opinion, is the best part of the preparation process. This training will guide you on how to interpret various types of questions in the exam and also give you sample questions from the topics you learn.

Practice exam

To polish your test-taking skills, you can sit for a mock exam. It is a nice way to get used to the exam structure beforehand so you wouldn't be too surprised or nervous at the actual test. Also, you get the chance to learn from the mistakes you make.
Apart from the resources offered on the official site, there are other materials you can use to prepare for the SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam:


You can find loads of videos that explain tough exam concepts and also ones that give out tips and talk about common mistakes that people tend to make at the exams.


Forums related to the SECURITY+ certifications are a great place to get firsthand information about the test. You can get in touch with people who have faced different SECURITY+ exams and learn about how they passed or why they failed.

Study partners

Having a study partner has proven to be a very effective way to study. You tend to learn a lot through discussion and helping each other with the different problems that come up.

Exam dumps

Exam dumps are a reliable source to get practices tests and prepare for SECURITY+ CSA Associate exam. You can find precise and nicely made exam dumps on the platforms like СertLane. Unlike most other websites, СertLane contains accurate and up-to-date exam dumps, which is why it has now become very popular among many SECURITY+ certification candidates.
Jobs you can get with your SECURITY+ CSA certification
There are many job opportunities for a person with the Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification. Here is a list of the possible job positions with their approximate salaries:
  • Cloud Solutions Architect ($65k - $101k)
  • Security Solutions Architect ($81k - $124k)
  • SECURITY+ Solutions Architect – Microsoft Platform ($99k - $149k)
  • SECURITY+ Solution Architect Engineer ($93k - $145k)
  • Software Solution Architect ($88k - $136k)

Benefits of becoming certified

Do you really need a certification? Would you gain something extra by having one? Is it actually worth your time? Yes, yes, and yes. Those answers can be backed by the list of benefits of having a certification given below:
  • Your skills are validated;
  • There's a higher possibility to get an increased salary;
  • You stand a better chance of getting hired;
  • Your credential opens up more job opportunities;
  • You can update your knowledge and brush up your skills.
Also, don’t forget that by getting the associate-level credentials, you become one step closer to prestigious SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification.


The field of IT is constantly expanding to the extent that even the ends of a branched system can still be very vast. There are so many job opportunities in this field. Becoming certified brings you one step closer to your goal of a better, higher-paying job. To get a credential, you need to pass the exams. With the right kind of preparation, passing a test is a piece of cake. So, start your certification journey right now and get your SECURITY+ certification!
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