Regular and free emails might be good enough for average users, but when it comes to your business, you must not settle for anything less than the best. For your business, you must opt for something that assures you entirely about the security and path of the mail if you want to know about some of the best secure email services, which might come in handy if you render online assignment help.

Top 5 secure email services to boost your business

1. Proton Mail

This free and open source email provider offers encrypted mail services and is based out of Switzerland. You can make this work through your desktop, or your Android and iOS phone. When it comes to Proton Mail, no one can get their hands on your email due to its end to end encryption model. This means that your emails are completely secure and in good hands. This can especially prove to be useful for your business if you offer a service to buy essay papers online. The service provides two-factor authentication, and a feature to send password protected emails to anyone. It also supports CSV contacts import. However, the mail comes with a slight limitation as to the inability to change the signature on a free account and lack of support for IMAP, SMTP, and POP3.

2. Counter Mail

For someone who is seriously concerned about the privacy of their email, this mail is one of the ideal options. Counter Mail offers a through and secures implementation of the Open PGP email in browsers. Users can also set up a USB drive to encrypt their emails and the decryption key to it is saved on the device. You will require a password to access the same. Decryption would be a seemingly impossible task even if a hacker were to happen to steal your password. With this mail, you will be able to modify a lot of settings in your account, allow email filters and make use of anonymous email headers. The USB option offers an added layer of physical security, which is quite simple to implement and use. The email provides support for IMAP and does not store logs of IP addresses. It also includes a built-in password manager and safe box. However, with this mail, you will not be able to send an encrypted mail to a non – user. This might be a problem in case someone has asked you to do my statistics homework and receive it on mail.

3. Hush mail

With excellent support for IMAP and POP, it also offers optional two-step verification. You will also be able to import your contacts by making use of a CSV file. It also allows using a spam filter and autoresponder. With the Hush mail, you get 10 GB of storage. With the free account though, you get minimal storage and requires the use of an alternate email address and phone number, when trying to sign up for verification process.

4. Mail fence

The best part about this email feature is that a digital signature can be used to approve the authenticity of the user. The email supports two-factor authentication, which is an added layer of security for email users. A spam blocker keeps away all the spam emails which could flock your inbox. All type of contacts can be imported through outlook or even Gmail. The mail also provides calendar and file storage to its users. However, the mail suffers from limited storage features and may require an alternative email address to receive the activation key. The fact that the mail does not make use of ads or offers various email settings, open for customization and changes, is enough to merit its inclusion in this list.

5. Tutanota

From the perspective of design and level of security, this mail provider is quite similar to Proton Mail. From sender to receiver, all emails are encrypted and can be decrypted only on the device. No one else can access the private encryption key. The web interface for the mail is quite easy to use and seamlessly easy to understand. The mail offers a separate interface for Android and iOS users and also provides up to 1 GB of storage space. The open source mail supports spam filters to keep your inbox clean. However, features such as alias and email rules are only available with paid accounts. Also, it is not possible to import contacts in bulk with this mail. The mail offers custom folders to organise messages and attachments. Most of the features in this mail are available only with the paid version though.
If your business is engaged in providing marketing assignment help and more such services, it will be beneficial for you to make use of these email services.
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