If you need to buy Windows or Microsoft Office software for home and office computers, we’ll tell you how to save up to 30%. The main thing is to enter the correct store and use our promotional codes.

Where to buy a license for Windows?
The correct store in this case is GoodOffer24. The store has been selling software licenses and video game keys for more than 10 years, and, as the name implies, prices are usually lower here than in most online stores. This can be seen now by visiting the site. But even the prices you see are not final. With our promotional codes, even from them you will receive a discount of up to 30%.

The 20% discount on the Anoob20 promo code is valid for the following products (discount price) :

The maximum discount of 30% for Anoob30 promo code is valid for two products:

How to buy Windows cheap?

Select the product you need in the “Software” store section. Click “Add to Cart”.

After that, go to the cart and click on the button “Apply Coupon” (Apply Coupon). In the Discount Codes field, enter the appropriate code - Anoob20 or Anoob30.
Finally, proceed to checkout by clicking on the button.

After registration and payment of the order, the license code of Windows 10 or Office, as well as the link to download the product, will come to you in an email.
Make sure that you send the product for your platform using the link you sent - 32 or 64-bit. After downloading, start the installation and enter the key sent to you.
By the way, on the site you can also buy keys for games on the Xbox and on Steam, as well as some licensed games at a discount. You can run through the site - there are many interesting things for gamers.
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